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    Why we use Jameson Williams to return Kickoff

    Last year we lost Waddle in the middle of the season. Every Smitty's return later gave me a heart attack. I like Jameson's versatility. Yet do we have to put our No.1 receiver into this dangerous situation?
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    Has Tua joined the celebration party yesterday?

    I saw pictures of Kiffin and many Bama players (Julio, Ruggs, McKinney celebrating together). I saw many other players flew to Miami or tweeted celebration pics. Any idea why Tua was not there?
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    When shall we let Pete Golding go?

    I know it's a coach's call and I have nothing whatsoever about the final outcome of the decision. Yet this defense for the last 2 years or so gave me all the heart attacks and consistently performed below the Bama level. Last week was all turmoils. CNS got COVID and we gotta a big game ahead...
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    will trevon diggs be able to come back if we made to the playoffs

    I am assuming brown will be back next week. If Trevon can come back, we should have no major injuries for our starters, right?
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    Next Year's Secondary

    This might be a little bit early and off the current discussion topics ahead of the IB. It looks all of our starters in secondary plus the key reserves will graduate or enter the draft early: Tony Brown, Levi Wallace, Averett, Mikah, Ronnie Harrison, Hootie Jones. Who will likely to be our...
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    What I really hate about Gary Danielson

    Not those negative comments about Alabama, CNS or .....y about how we should've been caught for more PI, false start, holding, illegal emotion etc. I hate him the most about how he tried to manipulate the mental thinking of QBs. As a former QB himself; he knew how critical the confidence is...
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    why we seldom schedule in-state opponents like troy/UAB/South Alabama etc...

    Instead, we played a lot with midddle tenn, UT martin, FIU, FAU etc...
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    why barns always get some "good luck"

    it seems they could always win some games in "weird" ways. e.g.: tipped incomplete pass, returned a miss FG, etc. (2010 Michael Dyer got a missed tackle for FG at final second.) Today they intercepted an incomplete pass in the end zone, KSU has 3 missed FGs, 1st down conversion in the last play...
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    Barrett Jones is not a 1st rounder?

    Just saw this XXXX from the ESPN mock draft. You rate an outland trophy winner, a veteran starter on 3 different positions on BAMA OL as 2-3 rd? Good Job Mel and Todd.
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    What is the most important reason for LSU to lose the game

    Write your response here: Here is mine: because superdome has no grass for les miles to chew...
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    cade foster was totally abandoned?

    I saw shelly kicked off for us later in the fourth. What happened to foster? I remember CNS almost yelled at him when his kickoff was returned for a TD at the beginning of the third quarter. And another deep return later in the third quarter. CNS specifically mentioned he was not happy about...
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    Question About Mathieu's flagrant foul on dre

    I believe that foul happened after the punt and before the PR received the ball. Shouldn't it be personal foul on mathieu, 15 yard penalty and automatica 1st down on us and no.7 is ejected from the ballgame?
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    NC game available online

    Please delete this post if there's any copyright concerns. I found one website which shows almost all the full bowl games last year in low resolution. For the NC game: 1 half: NCAA 09-10 2 half: NCAA 09-10 any here is the playlist for some of the bowl games last season: dondavids
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    If you google McElroy lose

    the first one is: "This is why McElroy does not lose ":)
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    when will the team come back and when will be the parade?

    I am sure there gonna be a big one:)
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    anybody have any info about peek ingury?

    i read two sources one said torn MCL? day to day and another said 2-3 weeks. any other news? i think he is a huge for us to compete with LSU.
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    what is the walk of champions time today

    many thanks.
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    Pigs can fly (Staff - about 1993 UA/LSU game) Teaser...

    There is a famous "flying pig" story regarding LSU-Alabama football. In 1993 , LSU had a record six-season losing streak. It was indeed the dark age of LSU football. Curry Hallman was the coach then. LSU was scheduled to play Alabama in Tuscaloosa in 1993. LSU was terrible; Alabama was the...

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