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    Alabama Players in the NFL - Week 4

    Smitty over 100 yards receiving, Jalen having a great day - had 2 TD passes taken off the board because of penalties. Cooper has a TD reception
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    Video: Alabama Hype Video - Do It Again

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    Bill Battle Donated the Money to Pay for Alabama Softball's 7 Returning Seniors

    Ran across this on Reddit. Much respect for Coach Battle for doing this:
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    News Article: Smitty Injury - Inside the Medical Tent with Dr. Cain
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    News Article: DeVonta Smith Is a National Championship Hero and the Greatest College Receiver Ever

    It’s not that the Buckeyes overlooked Smith; it’s that he outclassed them so thoroughly that it was easy to mistake their helplessness for negligence.
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    News Article: 63 Alabama Players Have Appeared in NFL Games in 2020

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    News Article: Nearly 90,000 file sexual abuse claims against the Boy Scouts

    This is the Catholic Church all over again:
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    BREAKING Freddie Wins NL MVP
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    Wisconsin QB Tests Positive for COVID
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    Game Thread: Other Afternoon Games on 10/10 (incl. UF/TAMU & UTX/OU)

    aTm running a totally different defense against FL than they have run the last 2 weeks.
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    Happy Mother's Day!

    Nothing is as important as a mother's love in our lives. To all of the mothers out there, I want to wish you a Happy Mother's Day, and thank you for everything that you do. Even the smallest things make a difference, and your love can carry us through the worst of times. Happy Mother's Day!
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    Amari Cooper - $100MM Contract

    The two highest paid receivers in the NFL are now both Alabama boys, Julio and Cooper. Cooper getting paid $60MM guaranteed on a 5 year deal. His $20MM per year second to Julio at $22MM per year. Wow!
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    2020 NFL Combine

    I think Ruggs and Jeudy will be running the 40 soon. Not for everyone, but I enjoy watching these drills every year.
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    News Article: U.S. Warns of Sexual Assault Risk in Spain

    This article is also available in the NY Times, but that is a subscription site, so I will post the Yahoo News version of the story. This issue is not just the high incident rate, but also the lack of legal prosecution of rape cases in the country. I have been to Spain a few times and this does...
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    Weird or Unusual Facts or Stories

    Thought I would start a thread to share weird or unusual fact or stories. I'll start it off with a simple math trick that is very useful: Percentages are reversible. 8% of 25 is the same as 25% of 8 but one of them is very easy to do in your head. 16% of 25 seems impossible to do in your head...
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    Jeudy Officially Announces - Headed to the NFL

    Story Here, with Twitter Message from JJ
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    Game Thread: NYE Bowl Games

    So far the officials are trying to help VT in this game.

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