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    Alabama Coach Nick Saban’s Secret Weapon? Meet Defensive Guru Pete Jenkins.

    Meet Nick Saban's Own Football Guru - Sports Illustrated On a cool October day earlier this year, Pete Jenkins knows his visitor is arriving to discuss his relationship with arguably the greatest coach in college football history. He is prepared, holding multiple marked-up notebook pages with...
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    Scheduling in the future SEC.

    Let's talk scheduling in the new era SEC. Many people make a big deal about playing each team 1 every four years so that players can play everyone in their 4 year career. That does not see a big deal to me, like it does Coach Saban) and evidently it doesn't bother those who go Pro their Jr...
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    Ten Years of SEC dominance

    Win/loss 2010 thru 2019: Alabama 124-15. LSU 103-28. Georgia 100-36. Auburn 88-44. Tex A&M 84-46. Florida 81-46. Miss St 79-52. Five of the top half of the conference are from the SEC West. Bama has 5 BCS championships in this ten year span. I stand in awe of what the GOAT has done.
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    Thank Nick Saban and Alabama for playoff expansion

    Alabama announced that Saban might never stop coaching on Monday. Three days later the College Football Playoff cartel decided it was time to start discussions about expanding their exclusive party from four to 12 teams. Suddenly, after claiming expansion was years away if it ever happened at...
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    Just watched the 2011 BCS CG again. Sweet.

    I just watched the replay of 2011 BCS CG with Alabama vs LSU in the Super Dome. 21-0 and i had forgotten just how much I loved seeing the cocky Honey Badger and his buds sitting on the bench during the 4th quarter with their little sad faces. Ah. How satisfying
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    New "1 mile" rule could boost some coaches relationships with recruits

    Before picking the location of his home in Columbia, Missouri, Drinkwitz inquired about a little-known NCAA rule that allows a recruiting advantage for coaches who live within a mile of campus. Recruits coming on an unofficial visit can actually stop by a coach's house if it's close enough to...
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    Forget recruiting, rerecruiting and roster management are keeping college football coaches up at night

    "My whole argument is I can take the [high school] kid down the street that no one wants and no one offers who, after three years, you develop him into a good player, and he can leave," Spavital said. "Or you can [go to the portal]." The unprecedented freedom players are experiencing has forced...
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    Will Transfer Portal change recruiting strategy of mid pack schools?

    I have been trying to figure out how the newest Transfer portal rules will affect recruiting in the middle of the pack teams. It seems to me Alabama, Ohio State, LSU, Georgia, Texas A&M, Clemson and the teams who usually land top ten classes will continue to load up with talent and then lose...
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    NFL draft is a recruiting flex for Nick Saban and Alabama's absurd talent wealth

    It was National Signing Day and Saban was about to discuss a group of recruits that would prove to be among the greatest of all time — part of two national titles teams (and a 51-4 record) the past four seasons. NFL draft is a recruiting flex for Nick Saban and Alabama's absurd talent wealth...
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    CFP working committee reviews playoff expansion possibilities.

    A working group of four of its members had reviewed "63 possibilities for change," with fields of six, eight, 10, 12 and 16 teams under consideration. College Football Playoff expansion appears inevitable as management committee mulls alternative formats - I can't wait to see...
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    Fifty Two Head Coaches in the SEC since Coach Saban arrived.

    Since Coach Saban came to Alabama these are the number of Head Coaches each SEC member has had: SIX - Arkansas, Tennessee. FIVE - Mississippi, Vanderbilt. FOUR - Auburn, Florida, Miss St, Texas A&M. THREE - Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina. TWO - Georgia, LSU. Coach is now the Dean of...
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    Top 10 college coaches under age 45

    I strongly agree with #4 and strongly disagree with #6. Ranking the top 10 college football coaches under age 45 entering the 2021 season -
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    Link: It's hard to argue that the CFP has been better than the BCS

    This was discussed on radio today. My feeling is when we go to eight teams we will double the number of blowout games for people to whine and carp about. Never-the-less we ARE GOING to have eight teams soon. It's time to consider contracting the College Football Playoff back to just two...
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    Link: New ACC commissioner Jim Phillips faces big challenges without easy answers

    On the football field, the league has become Clemson and everyone else, with the Tigers winning the conference six straight seasons, while signature brands such as Florida State, Miami and Virginia Tech have lagged far behind. The ACC also distributed a little more than half the revenue of what...
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    Bring back the fun and excitement

    I hope I don’t offend anyone but I must vent because I am fed up. How many more National Championships must we win until enough is enough? Twenty three? Thirty? I am tired of feeling entitled and knowing we are getting the #1 recruiting class each and every year. Sick and tied of smoking so...
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    Western Georgia University gives Harsin huge buyout clause

    They sure have some deep pockets over in West Georgia. Bryan Harsin contract: Auburn reveals salary, buyout terms as new coach signs six-year deal with Tigers -
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    Fired coaches (understandably) seem to have a chip on their shoulder.

    It's one thing to be canned and quite another to be put out to pasture by your alma mater Amid the subtext of Heupel's hiring at Tennessee five weeks ago was his new gig being some sort of revenge tour. Sark and former OC Tony Franklin are covered too. Once-fired coaches like Josh Heupel...
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    News Article: HC cycle revolved around the SEC — past, present and perhaps future.

    There were seven new hires made in the Power 5 and eight in the Group of 5. There are four new coaches in the SEC, including Tennessee's Josh Heupel, Auburn's Bryan Harsin, Vanderbilt's Clark Lea and South Carolina's Shane Beamer. Four former SEC coaches also took new jobs. That group is...
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    BYU has an ambitious 2021 schedule.

    Seven Power 5 teams including USC & Utah.. Not a BYU fan but they evidently want to show they belong in the PAC or Big 12. They had five Power 5 teams last season until Covid canceled them.
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    Ode to Rocky Top

    Ode to Rocky Top If your road is rocky I’ll tell you what to do Spend your time framing Bama: NCAA will bring them down for you. P. I. special Investigator Phil Said “Bama out of business soon.” Not realizing he was a prophet At predicting the Viles own doom. But Bama is still winning big...

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