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  1. CrimsonPaul

    So what is the status of Jeremy Pruitt’s coaching future?

    Did not Terry Bowdan fall into Auburn coaches paying players when he took the head coaching job in 1993? Probably Pruitt ran into the same at UTe and tried to slip pass it like Bowdan. However, Pruitt should have never taken a job under Fulmer he should have known better.
  2. CrimsonPaul

    Agiye Hall gone

    Not counting Jalen Hurts, have any transfer from Alabama been successful at all?
  3. CrimsonPaul

    Bruce Willis retiring from acting - He has aphasia

    Heard he just finished filming a movie in Bessemer and played golf locally.
  4. CrimsonPaul

    Harsin and Auburn Drama (Auburn coaching situation talk)

    Well, how is Harsin going to play this out? Will he run the team like all this never happened or will he take revenge?
  5. CrimsonPaul

    Pick two road games to go to this year

    Game .................. Reason Texas - Never been to Austin area of Texas Tenn - I love the Smokies after the game
  6. CrimsonPaul

    What are your top 5 football movies of all time?

    Invincible Draft Day Waterboy Necessary Roughness Varsity Blue
  7. CrimsonPaul

    BREAKING Bo Nix enters Transfer Portal

    I heard he had a pretty good offer from Birmingham Southern....... :p
  8. CrimsonPaul

    What was worse? The hype for 92 Miami or the hype for 21 Georgia?

    I recall in 1992 in Tuscaloosa watching the parade after the win over Miami. There was a sports writer in the parade, I believe he was from out west somewhere, who was the ONLY sports writer that predicted an Alabama win. That's was how bad it was before the game.
  9. CrimsonPaul

    What was worse? The hype for 92 Miami or the hype for 21 Georgia?

    Miami was on TOP of the football world for several years not even a year for Georgia. The Press and everyone, except Bama fans believed it it was a done deal for Miami. In fact I guess it really turned out that way. Miami was done!
  10. CrimsonPaul

    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL Game Thread - Bama @ Auburn, 2nd Half...

    I feel that there will be some big sales in Alabama sporting gear soon.
  11. CrimsonPaul

    Cecil Hurt has Passed Away

    I had the chance to have a nice chat with him while he was visiting here in Mississippi. Never forgot it and always read his work. A huge lost! Bless him and his family.
  12. CrimsonPaul

    Bo "I Spike Backwards" Nix Claims Bama Gets the Calls

    I really can't make my mind up, is Bo stupid or lying......maybe both.
  13. CrimsonPaul

    Coaching or Players? What is problem in your opinion?

    Honestly before the season I thought we would lose 2 games because of all of the players we lost plus a new smaller QB. Well, our QB is excellent and except for the dropped passes we do have the personnel. BUT, because of all the "delay of game" and confusion I can only surmise that we have...
  14. CrimsonPaul

    Player celebrations

    It seems to be getting worst this year and I have been nearly posting about this myself. I've seen an ad on TV showing maybe 15 football players doing a chorus line of dancing girls routine on the sidelines and saying to myself that is what we'll be seeing before long.
  15. CrimsonPaul

    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL Postgame Thread - Bama vs. LSU...

    Terrible, horrible game by my Alabama!
  16. CrimsonPaul

    What is Saban going to say to Coach O when LSU comes back to BDS? Wrong answers only.

    ......with a leering grin showing lots of teeth!
  17. CrimsonPaul

    News Article: Ed Orgeron says Tigers will not have full practice Wednesday, citing lack of healthy players

    Your poor, poor little team. Bad mean Ole Miss sure was cruel to you wasn't she? (Sarcasm)
  18. CrimsonPaul

    Pick the score: Bama vs fourteenessee

    Alabama - 41 Hill Country - 14
  19. CrimsonPaul

    Pick the score: Bama at Mississippi State

    Alabama - 48 State - 13
  20. CrimsonPaul

    JessN: Texas A&M wrap-up: Aggies had to have help to beat Bama and they got plenty of it

    That first TA&M touchdown blew my mind. It seemed like Alabama was in a planted zone coverage with no one within 10-15 yards of the guy that caught the pass. When have you ever seen that from Alabama before?

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