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  1. PA Tide Fan

    Link: Conferences can now pick two best teams for Championship game

    Looks like major shakups are coming to conference play based upon a decision today by the NCAA. Conferences no longer have to select division winners for the conference championship but instead can select the two best teams. The PAC-12 wasted no time...
  2. PA Tide Fan

    Link: Saban explains NCG loss I must say that Saban is spot on here.
  3. PA Tide Fan

    Question: Where would you rank this IB finish vs."The Drive" and "The Kick"?

    Some exciting Iron Bowl finishes over the years, some of which we'd like to forget but I wondered how you would compare this comeback to the other two favorable finishes that come to mind. Granted, we didn't play well in this game but the win keeps us in the hunt for at least one more week. I...
  4. PA Tide Fan

    Game Thread: Ohio State @ MIchigan

    I'm rooting for OSU. I can't root for Harbaugh
  5. PA Tide Fan

    Question: Was an official 2021 Rose Bowl DVD ever released?

    Ever since the College Football Playoff format has been in place I have collected the official DVD's of every Alabama playoff game played. I like to purchase them because they have good picture quality and commercials have been edited out. They are typically available in March and this year in...
  6. PA Tide Fan

    Poll: How many more National Championships for Saban?

    Since questions like this seem to appear every time Saban wins another championship I decided to have a poll again. While many pundits think he's near the end of winning championships I think he could still coach and win for quite a while since he seems in good health and doesn't appear to have...
  7. PA Tide Fan

    Game Thread: B1G Championship- Northwestern vs. Ohio State

    Ohio State has a 8+minute drive to start the game but has to settle for a FG. 3-0 Buckeyes
  8. PA Tide Fan

    Link: Taulia Tagovailoa granted waiver I felt all along the waiver would be approved. With probable starter Josh Jackson deciding to "opt out" this season for Maryland it looks like Taulia will be the starter, so we can quickly...
  9. PA Tide Fan

    News Article: NCAA rule changes (including one from last season's Iron Bowl)
  10. PA Tide Fan

    Poll: Predict the NCAA decision for the 2020 season

    I'll say delayed start but full season.
  11. PA Tide Fan

    Game Thread: Big 12 Championship : Jalen Hurts vs. Baylor

    Pass play from Hurts to Lamb sets up an Oklahoma TD , OU leads 7-0
  12. PA Tide Fan

    Question: Has our defense been "modernized" as much as our offense?

    I ask the question because I'm not an X's and O's kind of guy who can describe defensive coverages. I've listened over the years to football analysts describe the type of defense Coach Saban likes to play and how it possibly can be exploited. It seems like I've heard them say the same things...
  13. PA Tide Fan

    Question: So do we go back to old school Alabama football against Arkansas?

    I'm wondering how Saban will handle this game. Do you think he will decide to mostly pound the ball on the ground with a few short passes mixed in and rely on the defense or will he let Mac Jones throw intermediate and deep balls to try to give him some confidence? We can beat a team like...
  14. PA Tide Fan

    News Article: SI's Top 10 coaches of all time

    Since there was a thread about SI's top 10 schools I thought I'd add a thread about their Top 10 all time coaches. I certainly won't argue about their top 2:
  15. PA Tide Fan

    Link: Some way too early betting odds for key games in 2019

    Bama is favored by double digits in all key games.
  16. PA Tide Fan

    Question: What's the best way to defend against Kyler Murray?

    So now we know we must deal with him. Should we take a conservative approach on offense, run the ball a lot, win the TOP battle and play keep away? Should we air it out with Tua and just try to outscore them? What can we do on defense to try and cause Murray some problems?
  17. PA Tide Fan

    Game Thread: B1G Championship: Northwestern vs. Ohio State

    Ohio State up 14-7 right now.
  18. PA Tide Fan

    Game Thread: Michigan at Ohio State

    I'm rooting for the Buckeyes today. I can never root for Harbaugh.
  19. PA Tide Fan

    Question: Why do opponents defer the coin toss vs. Bama?

    I'll start off by saying that as a Bama fan I'm not complaining about opponents deferring the coin toss. Anything that works in Bama's favor is good. It's been the trend in football for years to defer if you win the coin toss. Maybe there's some statistic to back it up. It may make sense in some...
  20. PA Tide Fan

    Game Thread: Miss St @ LSU

    Fitzgerald throws an early INT and LSU takes advantage for a 7-0 lead.

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