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  1. Lassr4Bama

    SEC Shorts - How Georgia fans deal with hope

    LOL! Another good one!
  2. Lassr4Bama

    Ohio St fans' letter praising Bama fans

    Always handle a win or loss with class and dignity. Glad this couple saw it first hand from some of our fans. Roll Tide!
  3. Lassr4Bama

    Oregon vs Utah-Game Thread

    Close game. Utah probably should be ahead but the Utah receiver had another one of those bonehead plays where he drops the ball before crossing the goal line. resulting in a 99 yard Oregon TD. Utah just scored. 27-20 Oregon. 3rd qtr
  4. Lassr4Bama

    USC-Utah. Points added after the game.

    The Utah/USC game ended with USC blocking a FG to preserve a 17-14 win, and running it back for a TD. At the end of the game, the officials said the TD didn't count because they called an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty (the USC players all rushed the field when the kick was blocked), so...
  5. Lassr4Bama

    Congrats Gamecocks.

    What an incredible game won by the Gamecocks in extra innings! Congrats SC and go SEC!
  6. Lassr4Bama

    ND vs. Pitt

    27-9 Pitt. oh man, and I liked Weis as ND coach.
  7. Lassr4Bama

    Kentucky vs Louisville - Wow

    Knew Kentucky could possibly win but what a game. TD Kentucky with 28 secs left. 40-34 Kentucky!

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