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  1. gtowntide

    BREAKING 4* OT Wilkin Formby commits to Bama

    Welcome and Roll Tide Wilkin!
  2. gtowntide

    Bragging - Brother Wins An Emmy

    Congrats to your brother and crew!
  3. gtowntide

    Mass shootings . . . . MEH?

    I read when this guy bought the two AR15’s he also purchased 375 rounds of ammo. Is it just me or should that have set off a couple alarms at this sporting goods store? That’s a lot of rounds.
  4. gtowntide

    BREAKING 4 Star QB Eli Holstein Commits to Alabama

    Welcome and Roll Tide Eli!!
  5. gtowntide

    Brett Favre in shady deal with MS governor

    Brett Favre is a trump supporter. That's all I need to know about his character.
  6. gtowntide

    Pierre Commits to Alabama

    Welcome and Roll Tide!
  7. gtowntide

    Question: Jury duty

    I’ve only been called once and to be honest I kind of enjoyed it. Not many people get out of it anymore. We had a surgeon on our case and he couldn’t be released.
  8. gtowntide

    Decline of the GOP V

    Are you trying to groom us?
  9. gtowntide

    Prayers for Randy Williams (ValuJet)

    RIP Randy.
  10. gtowntide

    Prayers for Randy Williams (ValuJet)

    That’s sad to hear. I pray for peace for him and the family.
  11. gtowntide

    2023 Prospect: 5* CB Jahlil Hurley commits to Bama

    Welcome and Roll Tide!
  12. gtowntide

    2023 Recruiting Targets

    Welcome and Roll Tide!
  13. gtowntide

    Political Meme - Cartoon/Joke Thread...Part VIII

    When did you take a picture of my feet?
  14. gtowntide

    My wife and I

    I’m glad you’re on your way to recovery! Take it one day at a time. You and your family are in my prayers.
  15. gtowntide

    Spotify May Be in Trouble for Real

    I’m canceling Spotify tomorrow. I’m going with Apple Music. I already have about 900+ songs downloaded from ITunes so it makes sense.
  16. gtowntide

    Santonio Beard Has Passed Away

    Terrible news, RIP Santonio .
  17. gtowntide

    This ice / snow storm is tough stuff...

    Ours went out for a couple of hours also. It’s all good now. I got a lot of limbs down from a big oak in the backyard but no other damage.
  18. gtowntide

    2023 DB Elliot Washington Commits To Bama

    Welcome and Roll Tide!
  19. gtowntide

    Prayers for my wife, please

    Sorry Gray I just saw your post. I’m sorry to hear that about your daughter. I know the last couple of years has been hard on you and I pray it will get better. Godspeed my brother.
  20. gtowntide

    Look a here, Bama is now at the top of Rivals rankings

    No.1 on BOL 24/7 now too!

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