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  1. 92tide

    happy juneteenth

  2. 92tide

    Report: Top Southern Baptists stonewalled sex abuse victims - AJC

    and all of that noise recently about "groomers" fortunately, my southern baptist indoctrination didn't take
  3. 92tide

    amazon union vote - alabama and new york

    alabama is too close to call, but will probably be a narrow loss for the union "yes" is currently winning in new york...
  4. 92tide

    Russian/Ukranian War (IV)

    i really hope this is legit
  5. 92tide

    stacey abrams announces bid for georgia gov

    good luck ms. abrams
  6. 92tide

    funny maine - week 13

  7. 92tide

    R.I.P. Max Cleland...
  8. 92tide

    Biden Policy Thread - III...
  9. 92tide

    osu halftime tribute to rush (the band)

    this was an incredible performance by the osu band last weekend.
  10. 92tide

    Afghanistan Withdrawal, V 2.0...
  11. 92tide

    critical race theory discussion thread

    i guess this is as good of a time as any. when people show you who they are, believe them
  12. 92tide

    The Decline of the G.O.P., Part 3...

    imho, this has been obvious for a long time. harkening back to the "fair and balanced" days
  13. 92tide

    atlanta folks beware - tornado warnings

    coming through at i-20/285 on the west side and heading towards downtown/east atlanta
  14. 92tide

    Mass shooting at indiana FedEx facility...
  15. 92tide

    Biden Policy Thread - Part Two...

    maybe another reason why the trolling suddenly picked up recently
  16. 92tide

    active shooter situation in boulder

    not a lot of definitive info yet. possibly one person in custody.
  17. 92tide

    nasa perseverance rover landing on mars - success

    got to watch the last couple of minutes live.
  18. 92tide

    this awful year will never end - atlanta krispy kreme burns

    for my fellow atl-iens, sad news as the iconic krispy kreme on ponce de leon was consumed by fire overnight.

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