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  1. Bamabuzzard

    Link: Opting out in college games has now made it to HS sports

    This isn't football but is somewhat related in that the high school pitcher and MLB prospect in this article, is "opting out" of the rest of his HS games, which includes the playoffs. I can almost guess with great certainty his team doesn't have another pitcher even in the same stratosphere as...
  2. Bamabuzzard

    The Tommy Pham/Joc Pederson "slap" incident

    Maybe I'm completely misinterpreting this situation, but let me get this straight. Pham "slapped" the hell out of Pederson over a fantasy MLB game/league and Pederson did nothing? And now, what I gather from this article, Pham is making very light of it and adding some humor to it. I was...
  3. Bamabuzzard

    A nutritional health question to the medical people

    This is an odd question but it is something I have noticed and unscientifically confirmed through observation. I have noticed that people who eat uber clean have a distinct odor that is hard to describe but definitely exists. It is almost like a stale, "vitamin-ee" type odor that is very...
  4. Bamabuzzard

    The 49er's are "continuing to be unimpressed" with Trey Lance.

    I was flipping through sports shows at lunch and stopped on Cowherd's show. Apparently, information is beginning to leak out of the 49er's organization that the staff is "continuing to be unimpressed" with Lance. Also, all the pre-draft rumors of Shannahan wanting Mac Jones but ultimately going...
  5. Bamabuzzard

    BREAKING Trevor Bauer suspended for two seasons by MLB

    I'm not sure what MLB found that was different than the judges comments in the court system
  6. Bamabuzzard

    Cammie Newton swallows both his feet with comments about women

    Just read it for yourself... VVVVV What an idiot
  7. Bamabuzzard

    I love Marcus Spears' take on the new NFL OT rules

    His take fits my opinion as well. Defense is still a part of the game. LINK
  8. Bamabuzzard

    MLB Collective Bargaining Agreement Discussion

    I didn't see a thread discussing this and by the news yesterday, this may be going on for a while so I figured we could discuss it as it plays out. Any thoughts on the current roadblocks between MLB Owners and MLBPA that is keeping the players off the field?
  9. Bamabuzzard

    Former Bama player Jonathan Allen apologizes over "Hitler Tweet"

    I'm not sure why his answer to the question he was asked is so bad. Allen explained why he would pick Hitler and in my opinion is completely understandable. It doesn't mean he agreed with Hitler or condoned his actions. This is one of the many reasons we can't communicate with each other in...
  10. Bamabuzzard

    Cooper Kupp's opinion about NFL records being broken in longer seasons

    I wonder what the players who broke records in a 16 game season think about the records they broke that were originally set in a 14 game season? And we could go backwards from there... LINK
  11. Bamabuzzard

    When Mike Zimmer is asked about playing Kevin Mond

    Talk about a ringing endorsement...
  12. Bamabuzzard

    Trying to figure out whether or not to approach my friend about possible anxiety

    As many of you know I've dealt with anxiety and depression (hereditary) since my early 20's. Though I'm not a doctor, I've lived with it, researched it enough that I notice signs of anxiety and depression that many people do not. There is a type of anxiety called "high functioning" anxiety where...
  13. Bamabuzzard

    Mouthguard sensors in college football (ESPN Article)

    I find this article somewhat "funny" because I can't tell you how many players I literally watch every Saturday never put their mouthpiece in the entire game, especially WR's. I've watched defensive players not once put it in their mouth while pursuing AND tackling. LINK
  14. Bamabuzzard

    Bad omen for the new name Cleveland "Guardians"?

    Well, not sure if this is a bad omen or what? The Cleveland Guardians debuted today and on the first day of one of the team stores being open the sign out front came crashing down. :oops:
  15. Bamabuzzard

    Which schools are paying the most "Dead Money" in CFB? (ESPN Article)

    I wish my employer would pay me this type of money not to come to work. LOL! ESPN_Article
  16. Bamabuzzard

    Longhorn fans are already "Longhorning" Sark (Fans Complaining)

    Didn't see this coming!!!! ESPN Article
  17. Bamabuzzard

    Does anyone have a chicken and sausage gumbo recipe they wouldn't mind sharing?

    My daughter and I love to spend our "quality time" together cooking. The weather is going to be cool this weekend and she said she wanted us to make some gumbo. I don't have a personal gumbo recipe and am not a fan of "out of a box" one either. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  18. Bamabuzzard

    Urban Meyer video

    This guy is a piece of work and how he still has a wife is beyond me. The dude is supposed to be visiting his grandkids and basically "finds himself" in a bar with what appears to be a woman that isn't his wife backed up in his "personal space" dancing. ESPN_Article
  19. Bamabuzzard

    Labor Day Ribs (2021)

    Did three whole spares (untrimmed) on Labor Day. Yes, they were as good as they look!!! LOL!
  20. Bamabuzzard

    Happy Bobby Bonilla Day Everybody!!!!

    And Bobby collects another $1.19 million today! Bobby Bonilla Day Explained (ESPN)

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