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    Coach Saban goes off on programs buying players (A&M, Jackson State, and Miami mentioned)

    I've thought from the beginning that the NIL would be the death of college football.
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    What is your Top 5 Post Spring Bold Predictions?

    Academic requirements for college athletes have been declared null and void.
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    NCAA Portal Talk

    This is what happens when adults let the kids run the daycare. Of course, they want money to buy toys. To take their ball and go somewhere else when a coach hurts their feelings. I wanted the same things when I was a selfish teenager/young adult, not old enough or mature enough to make the right...
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    NCPA files Civil Rights Grievance

    Correct, the players finally get an opportunity to be given free money and now it's not enough. A world class education, top notch training and healthcare, food, lots of clothing, shelter, tutoring, mentoring by coaches and former players, preparation for NFL millions, and now all the NIL deals...
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    Question: Do we stand a chance with Arch Manning?

    The Mannings are smart. They will point the young man to the school that will give him the best chance to be successful in college and prepare him for the next level.
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    Blessed to be a Bama Fan!

    Yes, it is a great time. We are witnessing history which will most likely never be repeated.
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    2021 quitters thread - guys 'preparing for the draft...'

    At one time, and IMHO still should be, getting a scholarship to play college football was great opportunity for a young man to continue playing the game they love and to get a world class education. In the past many played just for the opportunity to get that education. Now the players (maybe...
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    What (In Your Opinion) Were The Biggest/Most Obvious Heisman Snubs?

    I always thought Hines Ward was deserving.
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    In Response To "We Need A 16-Team Playoff"

    No expansion is needed. Period. Any expansion is based only on two things, jealousy and greed.
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    I’m so grateful to be a Bama fan thread

    Thank you Coach Saban , you are very much appreciated.
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    What Was Offensive Game Plan vs Auburn?

    This is always Auburns season. We want championships, they just want to beat us so it's all or nothing every year.
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    Question: Where would you rank this IB finish vs."The Drive" and "The Kick"?

    The kick by Van Tiffin will always be my favorite IB because of the back and forth nature of the game, Frank and Keith announcing, watching with my Dad and Grandmother.
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    Favorite Bama-Ut moment

    I was a kid in 1973 when Gary Rutledge threw an 80 TD to Wayne Wheeler on the first play of the game. I think we spent the rest of the game playing football outside.
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    Poll: What SEC fanbase do you dislike the most in football?

    Since I live in TN it is definitely the Vols. When I lived in Montgomery it was Auburn.
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    Bama players sitting out of the bowl game - a running list

    I agree, every game is an opportunity to improve, have fun, and showcase talents. There are no meaningless games. Football is about teamwork, responsibility, and accountability (performing your assigned task). To not play is just pure selfishness. One can rationalize about injuries and potential...
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    It’s “wow things are getting interesting” week in the SEC week. Who ya got?

    I got Texas, BYU, and Clemson. I'm not a Jimbo fan. Take away Winston and he's just another average coach. Plus the place was a mess when he left.
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    Link: The Mess Jimbo Left: Inside FSU's Fall and Willie Taggart's Plan to Rise Again

    I agree. I never quite understood the love affair with Jimbo, take away J. Winston and what's left is just another 8-4 ACC program.
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    NCAA threatening to ban California schools from championships?

    Very simple solution. Stop companies from using any likeness of any student athlete. If a company does not comply, the athlete can file a lawsuit against the company. The school and the NCAA don't need to be involved.
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    UGA's Leading Receiver Dismissed Amid Assault Investigation

    Another young lady assaulted due to another idiot having a temper tantrum. Just another day in college athletics.

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