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  1. CrimsonTheory

    Lost another Bama fan

    Two days ago my family lost a close personal friend. This was a man who I've known literally all my life. His family and my family were so close that his only daughter became a sister to me and my siblings. I cannot tell you how many times they would come over, and we would go over to their...
  2. CrimsonTheory

    Fan Made trailer called Bel Air

    If you are a fan of "Fresh Prince", as I am, I think you will enjoy this: Yes, I would love to see netflix pick this up.
  3. CrimsonTheory

    Former Brave Tommy Hanson is in a coma
  4. CrimsonTheory

    9 Dead in a biker gun fight in Waco

    9 are dead in a biker gang gunfight in Waco Texas.
  5. CrimsonTheory

    Spider Man is coming home

    Nerd alert, nerd alert. Spider-Man is coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Andrew Garfield will not be the Spider-Man. Peter Parker/Spider-Man will be recast.

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