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  1. bvandegraff

    Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix recap

    Starting positions: Pole: Leclerc P2: Verstappen P3: Sainz Final result: P1: Verstappen P2: My guy Perez P3: Russell Definitely an interesting race, with more overtaking than was expected from the Barcelona track. Observations: 1. Another tough week for Ferrari. Leclerc overcame a spin in...
  2. bvandegraff

    F1 Miami Grand Prix review

    Starting top 4: Pole-Leclerc, P2- Sainz, P3- Verstappen, P4- Perez Final top 4: P1 - Verstappen, P2- Leclerc, P3- Sainz, P4 - Perez Top 4 constructors: Ferrari, 157 points; Red Bull, 151 points; Mercedes, 95 points; McLaren 46 points Top 4 drivers: Leclerc, 104 points; Verstappen, 85 points...
  3. bvandegraff

    F1 Imola Grand Prix review

    Probably the least dramatic race of the season so far, but still some interesting stuff. Gonna go with the good/bad/ugly format: Good: Sprint qualifying was pretty exciting. Max overtaking Leclerc in the last couple of laps was exciting. The new cars really do allow for closer racing. Red...
  4. bvandegraff

    2022 Formula 1 season

    2 races in and so far the new season is really entertaining! Great to see Ferrari back in the championship hunt - Leclerc and Sainz are both excellent drivers. They and Red Bull seem to have the best cars thus far, though Red Bull's double DNF right before the end of last week's race puts them...
  5. bvandegraff

    News Article: NCAA to review NIL policies...

    To the surprise of nobody..... Poor Jimbo.... It'll be interesting to see if anything substantive comes from this, especially given how the NCAA is not really into the accountability thing these days....
  6. bvandegraff

    News Article: Pete Golding: Jalyn Armour-Davis has been practicing this week

    Sounds like good news for our secondary! From Pete Golding's press conference today. "He's practiced all week. He's looked well to me. So it's good to have him back." Read More: Alabama Defense Welcomes Jalyn Armour-Davis Back For Semifinal
  7. bvandegraff

    Formula 1 final weekend - who've ya got?

    Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are deadlocked going into the final race of the F1 season in Abu Dhabi. Who do you think takes it? I'm rooting for Verstappen just because it would be nice to see some new blood at the top, but mad respect to Hamilton if he takes it because he'll have truly...
  8. bvandegraff

    Formula 1 title race - 3 races left!

    Three races left and the drivers' championship is up for grabs. Perez failing to make Q3 in Qatar is a major dent in Red Bull's chances for the constructors' title. I like Checo but I wonder how Gasly would do in the 2d Red Bull car. Very exciting race between Verstappen and Hamilton. Brazil...
  9. bvandegraff

    Formula 1 US Grand Prix

    Exciting race and very tense at the end! Verstappen opens up a 12-point lead on Lewis Hamilton on what is generally considered a Mercedes-friendly circuit. Bold strategy by Red Bull to pit Max early twice - the first undercut made sense, but the second had me wondering especially as Hamilton...
  10. bvandegraff

    F1 Italian Grand Prix

    Very entertaining race! Happy for Danny Ricciardo for the win and Maclaren for the 1-2 finish. Danny Ric struggled mightily the first half of the season (after being on his 3rd team in 4 years) but it's good to see him get back on track. Zak Brown has really got Maclaren on the right track after...
  11. bvandegraff

    F1 Dutch Grand Prix

    Well, given how long the F1 season is, individual race threads are probably the way to go to avoid lots of scrolling... Pretty good race yesterday, especially after last week's fiasco at Spa. Nice to see Verstappen get the decisive win in his home race. Hamilton kept it close enough to not be...
  12. bvandegraff

    News Article: Bizarre HS game broadcast on ESPN...

    IMG vs. "Bishop Sycamore" Apparently IMG Academy travelled to Ohio to take on a team that sold itself as having several Division 1 prospects which not only wasn't true, but the school they represent may not even exist. The Bishop Sycamore team was playing its 2nd game in 3 days against one of...
  13. bvandegraff

    Formula 1 2021 season thread

    Really enjoyed the discussion of the British GP, and, since it looks like the second half of the season will be as wild as the first, I thought it might be good to have a catch-all F1 thread. Did anyone see the Hungarian GP today? My thoughts: 1. What a wild race! 2. Very happy for Ocon, happy...
  14. bvandegraff

    Formula 1 British Grand Prix

    Anyone else watch this one? I think the Red Bull/Mercedes rivalry just took a nasty turn. Anyone have any takes on the Hamilton/Verstappen shunt? I've got some, but will wait to see other comments.
  15. bvandegraff

    Link: James Rojas suffers torn ACL

    Well, crap..... Tide 100.9 reporting. Just hate this for the kid. Unknown if it's the same knee he injured that caused him to miss the '19-20 season - hope not! I know some folks here thought he might enter the portal with the new bigs coming in, but he always brings good effort to the floor.
  16. bvandegraff

    Bryant-Denny stadium tours

    I'm planning a trip to visit my mom in Prattville later this summer and want to take my kids up to T-town to see the university. Checked online about stadium tours and was a little surprised to see they're still suspended due to covid. Does anyone here have any idea when they might resume? The...
  17. bvandegraff

    Coaching Carousel

    Thought it might be nice to have a thread to serve as a clearinghouse for CONFIRMED hires and discussion. If this thread already exists, feel free to delete this one or merge it. Porter Moser heading to Oklahoma Chris Beard going to Texas, and they are salty about it in Lubbock.....
  18. bvandegraff

    RIP Marvelous Marvin Hagler

    Of the Big 4 fighters of the 80's (along with Hearns, Duran, and Leonard) Hagler was always my favorite. The underdog story of his career and his relentless, unpretentious fighting style always appealed to me. I've been watching his fights on Youtube since his death was announced - including the...
  19. bvandegraff

    Video: Matt Wyatt Film Study: Mac Jones

    Film Study: Mac Jones Really excellent breakdown of Mac Jones featuring plays against UGA and Ole Miss, and with a focus on how effective he is under pressure. I found this really informative. Enjoy!
  20. bvandegraff

    News Article: Where are they now: Gary Hollingsworth

    Nice 247 article on Gary Hollingsworth Good article catching us up on one of the most underrated Bama QBs, and the one from my time at UA (86-90). Jeff Dunn and Billy Ray were the big QB recruits in his class, but Hollingsworth ended up with the starting job and flourished under Homer Smith. We...

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