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  1. CoachInWaiting

    Is Arkansas game happening 12/12/20?

    I haven't seen it confirmed officially.
  2. CoachInWaiting

    With a bye week upcoming....(likes 10-game conference the teaser titles)

    Would it be out of line to say I am a big fan of the 10-game conference schedule, and I hope it can stay around. Next year, add 2 non-conference games from the FBS ranks and within 3 years make it mandatory that both non-SEC games be against a Power 5 team.
  3. CoachInWaiting

    If Georgia Doesn't Lose to L8U....

    ....are they in the CFP? I think maybe they are. Staying that close to Alabama and losing in the fashion they did, I think it was the L8U loss that did them in. Without that loss, they may have entered the SECCG at #2 or #3, giving the committee the chance to drop them to #4. Hard to say, as a...
  4. CoachInWaiting

    Bye week ponderings...

    What are the chances of this coaching staff remaining intact for next year? Does Locksley get any attention as a possible head coach again? Will Enos get a chance to be an OC somewhere? Anybody else seem prime to move up or move on? Anywhere on the staff that Saban might be looking to improve...
  5. CoachInWaiting

    Another (different) hated team thread

    These have been fun to read and participate in, especially the posts with stories to explain the hate. Here's a new twist: Are there any teams you used to HATE, but now they are either viewed inconsequential to you or you actually have a positive feel now? I'l start with Miami. When I was a...
  6. CoachInWaiting

    Forward progress, spotting the ball, etc.

    I watched some Alabama games on YouTube recently, mostly from the late 70's. I was struck by the way the referees spotted the ball on run plays and the forward progress given on passes. Running backs were usually spotted where the knee or elbow hit the ground, not where the ball was at the time...
  7. CoachInWaiting

    Outside of the SEC, most hated team???

    For me it's still Georgia Tech, dating back to the early 60's and the heated rivalry that existed. The picture of Coach Bryant walking onto Grant Field wearing a helmet due to their fans throwing whiskey bottles is seared into my memory as well.
  8. CoachInWaiting

    First post

    My first post on this forum, but I've been reading some interesting threads here so far. I've seen a few familiar monikers, and mine should be familiar to those who have migrated here from the same place I have posted for some years. This post comes as an introduction, as requested by the...

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