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  1. DogPatch

    2022 Premier League summer transfer (and other) news

    Manchester City confirm Haaland signing.
  2. DogPatch

    World's Strongest Man 2022: Finals thread

    Today is a rest day, but the 10 men who made it to this years final are . . . 1. Maxime Boudreault, Canada 2. Mitchell Hooper, Canada 3. Eythor Melsted, Iceland 4. Martins Licis, USA 5. Trey Mitchell, USA 6. Oleksii Novikov, Ukraine 7. Gabriel Rheaume, Canada 8. Brian Shaw, USA 9. Luke...
  3. DogPatch

    World's Strongest Man 2022 - Qualifying Day 1

    Results from the first qualifying event, The Loading Race. The Loading Race consisted of loading the following implements onto a 1.25 meter (4.1 feet) platform): two 265-pound sandbags, a 265-pound keg, a 275-pound anvil, and a wrecking ball. Group 1 1 Tom Stoltman — United Kingdom 6...
  4. DogPatch

    2022/23 Leaked Kit (Premier League, La Liga, etc.)

    22/23 Leaked Kits Thus far for the Premier League, we have the Big Six plus Aston Villa. A few others from La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and Serie A.
  5. DogPatch

    Burnley sack Sean Dyche

    Burnley sack Dyche in the thick of relegation battle.
  6. DogPatch

    Thor vs. Eddie 3:30pm CDT (free livesteam)

    Eddie "The Beast" Hall (WSM 2017) vs. Hafthor "The Mountain" Bjornsson (WSM 2018) The Heaviest Boxing Match in History —the long-awaited grudge match between two of the world's strongest men and the only two people on earth who have lifted half a ton off...
  7. DogPatch

    Liverpool advances in FA Cup; Elliott returns

    Harvey Elliot scores in his return to the pitch.
  8. DogPatch

    Carabou Cup final set

    With their 2-0 defeat of Arsenal, Liverpool to face Chelsea in the final. Let's go Reds! YNWA
  9. DogPatch

    Anyone playing FIFA 21 (or another year)?

    Kids got me FIFA 21 for Christmas, and I'm really enjoying it, especially manager mode. I have two questions, about manager playing as one of the league teams. My goal is to try and take an English League 2 team all the way to Premier League qualification. My questions . . . 1. How important is...
  10. DogPatch

    Cobra Kia season 4 finale (spoilers possible)

    Yes!! The last 30 seconds of the season 4 finale made my night! I can't wait for season 5.
  11. DogPatch

    Pick the score: Bama vs. Cincy

    Good guys 43 Cincy 22
  12. DogPatch

    Analysts on the sideline?

    During one play, I saw Will Muschamp on the sideline, with headphones on, yelling at some of the players. I didn't think analysts were allowed to do any "coaching" on the field?
  13. DogPatch

    Pick the score: Ironbowl edition

    Didn't see one yet so I'll get it started. Good guys 41 Auburn 19
  14. DogPatch

    Pick the score: Bama vs. NMSU

    Didn't see a pick the score thread this week, so . . . Good guys 55 NMSU 12
  15. DogPatch

    UA student Garrett Walker's body found in Black Warrior River
  16. DogPatch

    Any interest in a fantasy soccer league? (League invite included)

    I just found one and thought it would be cool if we could get a Tidefans fantasy soccer league going. Anybody interested? It would be an EPL based league on Fantrax.
  17. DogPatch

    Brendan Rodgers verbally agrees to become United manager

    And Ole isn't even gone yet.
  18. DogPatch

    Spurs appoint Conte to replace Nuno

    Conte replaces Nuno @ Tottenham
  19. DogPatch

    NCAA suspends Charlie Strong for one game

    If he returns to college football. Gotta admit, I'm a bit surprised that Strong would run deliberately run afoul of the NCAA rules.
  20. DogPatch

    Rogue Invitational Strongman results

    After 2 events on Day 1 . . . 1. Martins Licis 2. Tom Stoltman 3. Oleksii Novikov 4. Brian Shaw 5. J.F. Caron 6. Rob Kearney 7. Matiusz Kieliszkowski 8. Luke Stoltman 9. Jerry Pritchett 10. Mikhail Shivlyakov Looks to be a 3 man race between Licis, T. Stoltman, and Novikov. 4x WSM Brian Shaw...

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