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  1. The Ols

    Justin Thomas and Coach Saban are just cool together... One of the top stories on the PGA website...Coach is literally the Greatest Of All Time!!!
  2. The Ols

    5* DL Lebbeus Overton Announcing in April

    He announced this AM that he is skipping his senior season, reclassifying to '22 and entering his school of choice this summer. 5* DL out of Milton Ga., strong ties to Bama...
  3. The Ols

    News Article: Is UGA's foundation cracking?

    Losing coaches is something we're used to...UGA and Clemson, not so much. That will be an interesting transition for both...but you throw in losing key pieces of your team too, and maybe Kirby isn't in control as much as he'd like...
  4. The Ols

    Urban Meyer Video (moved to pro sports)

    Sorry if the title’s a tease, seems to be a theme…🤣 Will this be the end of Urban in Jax? The NFL?
  5. The Ols

    Justin Thomas' generosity toward a fellow golfer...
  6. The Ols

    Oregon St President Resigns

    Can someone please explain to me how the guy that was The President at LSWho during the time of the LeSmiles scandal is let go at his new job in Oregon due to the same issues...yet there seems to be little movement at LSWho?
  7. The Ols

    Bama Hoops getting some respect!!!
  8. The Ols

    Auburn's New Recruiting Angle...

    From The Chive...LOL...
  9. The Ols

    Charles Huff Earns 247's National Recruiter of The Year *Recruiter was supposed to be bad.
  10. The Ols

    Andrew Zow to join Clemson's staff

    So I have an autographed helmet that will soon be in storage or Seriously...he's a HS coach in Sylacauga...who's on his team that Dabo wants? It shouldn't, but this bothers me...Seeing him in all of the Alumni games was this...yuck...
  11. The Ols

    What Championship Swag did everyone order?

    I got a 1/4 zip, a coffee mug, my full sized 18 helmet for my office and a sticker for my golf cart...Boom!!!
  12. The Ols

    Bama dominates CBS AA Team! Will Reichard 1st Team!!!
  13. The Ols

    Bama opens -17.5 vs ND

    Wow...Clemson -6.5 vs tOSU
  14. The Ols

    Rose Bowl moved to AT&T Stadium
  15. The Ols

    ND's Kelly threatens..ND may not play without parents in stands.
  16. The Ols

    Covid and the SECCG

    Devils advocate here...Say tOSU gets their game and the Hoosiers get Hoosed (Hosed... 😂 ) Here's my scenario... UF or Bama get a Covid outbreak and the SECCG doesn't happen. Bama stays at #1 while UF should stay at #4. Clemson beats ND as expected...Two SEC teams in the CFP make up for the...
  17. The Ols

    Kirby's getting more than annoying...

    Has he ever had an original thought? Seriously, just take our playbook! I shouldn't let it, but this annoys the crap out of me. Nick's Kids is an established charity that CNS and Miss Terry have run so well throughout their Tenure at The Capstone...and this total clown just rips off the idea...
  18. The Ols

    B1G Schedule released I know that you can only play whose in front of you...but (sorry B1G), tOSU's schedule is laughable. PSU in week two is a GREAT game, and...
  19. The Ols

    Fields back to UGA?

    Mark Bradley of the AJC today hinted that Fields back to UGA could be a possibility...noting that he (Fields) was at their scrimmage on Saturday. If that happens the portal needs to close forever... Remember, he left UGA because he feared for his well being, leaving his sister he...
  20. The Ols

    Bradley and Nikki Bozeman Foundation does Bama proud!

    What a great young man (couple)...Makes me proud!!! Roll Tide!!!

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