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  1. Chukker Veteran

    Dive bombing hawks/ birdwatching

    I’ve been spending a lot more time around my house the past several years, like a lot of folks. I had an old bird feeder, but I never really got interested in it because the squirrels would clean it out so quickly. But I cleaned it up…it seems birds use sight to find food and a clean feeder...
  2. Chukker Veteran

    Do you trust your privacy to your phone

    I’m feeling talkative today so I’ll toss another topic on the table and see if anyone else has had any similar deals… Recently I met a friend at my office first thing in the morning for a quick meet. We got our business done, and I simply said “I wish you had time to get breakfast.” When I had...
  3. Chukker Veteran

    Shaking the Gates of Hell…John Archibald

    Many people here will probably recognize the name John Archibald, an investigative reporter (Pulitzer Prize Winner) from Alabama. He has a book out, and is making the rounds talking about it. He was at the Decatur library last night promoting his new book, Shaking the Gates of Hell. He has an...
  4. Chukker Veteran

    Is Mullen going to join our staff?

    I made a sarcastic remark I think after the Auburn game saying Dan Mullen was available. It seemed pretty far out at the time, just silly speculation. Since then, I’ve caught several conversations on sports radio suggesting this will happen. Mullen would be brought in as a consultant and...
  5. Chukker Veteran

    Midterms, will House and Senate flip?

    I've been trying to cope with the idea the House might flip to GOP control this midterm, the idea is pretty scary. The troublemakers seem to be in charge now, how extreme would they get if they take the majority? The Senate seems like more of a chance for the Dems to hang on, Trump is...
  6. Chukker Veteran

    Ahmaud Arbery Murder Trial

    I’m watching the prosecution closing argument now, she is doing a good job. I thought we might use a seperate thread for this one.
  7. Chukker Veteran

    Bizarre headlines in the news

    A few weeks ago I saw a story on, about a 500 pound alligator that had been trapped and killed. Human remains were found inside. This horror story stuck with me, so I thought I would see if anybody else saw it and had any thoughts. I first looked for what might be an appropriate thread...
  8. Chukker Veteran

    Coin shortage sweeps the nation... wth?

    When I go to the store, being kind of old school, I preferred the cashier ring up my purchase, and after taking my money they bag it up. If I don't have the exact change, no big deal. My old neighborhood grocery was torn down, now Wal Mart is the closest around. I grudgingly learned how to...
  9. Chukker Veteran

    gift from digby, Sex Bomb by Red Army Choir

    I haven't started a thread in a while, but I saw this video on a blog I read that I thought was a real hoot. (digby is the blogger) I wondered, what am I watching? Are these really Russians? They've certainly got the accent and the uniforms right. So I googled it, and sure enough... A military...
  10. Chukker Veteran

    Stallings checks in

    I've always had a little sympathy for sports writers because they cover games that have been covered so many times before. It would be tough to consistently come up with a new angle. Today I've linked to an interview from Stallings, where he checks in with the time honored advice to Mac...don't...
  11. Chukker Veteran

    The cart ride & the Angel of Mercy

    I hesitate to start another thread about that horrible injury Tua suffered, but please bear with me... As our football board membership here ages, we have more and more posters with medical problems posting (including myself) and the personal experiences often offer the best insight. Watching...
  12. Chukker Veteran

    Maryland is now my second-favorite team, Locksley shows class Read about how an assistant coach leaves a program the right way.
  13. Chukker Veteran

    Who did Calvin pull for? Family or Crimson blood.

    We've read about how Calvin Ridley has an excellent relationship with his little brother, who just kept on making catches that we wanted to see him drop. With Calvin playing pro in Atlanta, the two brothers have maintained close contact through the season, coaching each other. Of course Calvin...
  14. Chukker Veteran

    Unorthodox blocking gets the job done

    This play is getting a lot of well deserved attention:
  15. Chukker Veteran

    Pondering the future... Bama/Saban/QB

    To those that follow the game more closely than I do, this question might sound uninformed, but here goes (this is one reason I enjoy this board, to get info): Will next season be Tua's last year at Bama, or will he be here two more seasons? I also wonder... it's my understanding that Tua's...
  16. Chukker Veteran

    Did you watch any of the Clemson game Saturday?

    I was in the coffee shop this morning talking to a few Bama fans...I was surprised when everyone there admitted they had flipped the channel back and forth from the Bama blowout to the Clemson squeaker. I had a thread a few weeks back asking opinions as to preference between competitive games...
  17. Chukker Veteran

    Your preference? Competitive games or talent exhibitions?

    Under Saban, our team has been so dominant we find ourselves in fewer truly competitive games. What a blessing for the faint of heart. :) More often than not, Bama fans tune the game in to see how well our superstar talent does this week. Kind of like an exhibition game featuring outstanding...
  18. Chukker Veteran

    Business as usual, Hammond pleads guilty

    The day of the GOP Senate runoff seems an especially appropriate day for this to become public: The man who helped Alabama...
  19. Chukker Veteran

    Herbie gets it right, praises Alabama

    Today has a super interview with Herbstreit about Bama and the opening game. We've seen reporters and sports commentators slip up this...
  20. Chukker Veteran

    Odd Poll: Saban overrated?

    There's a story in today's feed that tells about a recent coaches poll. Saban was voted second most overrated college coach. Hold on before your head's not nearly as bad as you might think when you see the particulars. I've included the link, and it has a link to the...

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