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    Manziel Sent Home from Manning Camp

    There is a thread on Texags and a few other sites he was sent home after he didn't show up on time Saturday. Apparently he was out partying late Friday night. Sorry for the misspelling in title.
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    Drones over American Soil

    Apparently Congress thinks its a good idea to allow drones by government agencies and private companies in the US. I think we are looking at one of the real reasons they want to take our guns away.
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    AJ McCarron Top Rated QB.

    According to ESPN AJ has a QB rating of 183.6, the best in the nation.
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    Mal Moore Now Has 9 National Titles!

    Just wanted to recognize what Mal has helped accomplish in his career as a player, coach and AD. Let's hope he gets #10 next year, a ring for every finger. RTR:smile:
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    Anyone else glad our series with PSU is over?

    When we played them in September I was sad it was the last of a two game series. I remember hoping we would renew soon, maybe do another 10 year series. Now it seems to be a blessing it's over.
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    College or NFL, Which is the superior product?

    I've had discussions with fans about which is more entertaining, college or pro. Watching NFL preseason and noticing all the empty seats got me thinking if Alabama had a preseason game how many would show up to watch. I don't think it'd matter if we played LSU or McNeese St. the place would be...
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    Saban vs Meyer and the balance of power.

    With the possibility of Alabama and Florida going head to head four times in the next two seasons the battle of who will become the dominate force in the SEC could be over quickly. How do you see things shaking out? If they split 2-2 will they both be more determined to hang around? Should Saban...
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    The SEC should invite Missouri

    The SEC should consider inviting Missouri if for no other reason to test the Big 12's resolve. They are in a weakened state right now and lets face it they along with the Big 10 would jump at the chance to deal the SEC a death blow. Seeing Texas craw back to the Pac 10 and getting rejected would...
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    So where does the SEC go from here?

    Has the SEC extended any offers other than to A&M? If so will they be pulled?
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    New Video: Bryant - Denny Stadium South End-Zone Update March 30th 2010

    Guys, check out the new video update. The stadium looks to be coming along nicely. The new video screens are larger with better definition. RTR

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