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  1. DzynKingRTR

    Question: Has society actually decayed or are we just more aware of it?

    This was a question brought up in another thread and I feel it deserves a thread of its own. So has society decayed? Are we just more aware of how crappy things are due to social media and the 24/7 news? I would add a poll but I don't think the answer is a simple yes or no. Persoanlly I think it...
  2. DzynKingRTR

    Game Thread: Braves vs Nats

    Game in a weather delay. I guess it is storming in DC?
  3. DzynKingRTR

    Game Thread: Braves vs. A's

    Acuna is having himself a night! 2 for 2 and both went yard!
  4. DzynKingRTR

    Game Thread: Atlanta Braves @ Milwaukee Brewers

    For the life of me I do not understand why the ESPN+ games are blacked out locally.
  5. DzynKingRTR

    BREAKING Dwayne Haskins dies @ 24 Wow, how sad.
  6. DzynKingRTR

    Question: Tiger Woods- How will he do at the Masters

    Pretty incredible that he will even attempt this. Odds are +3500. A $100 bet would get a nice chunk of change. Not that I or Tidefans would condone such behavior.
  7. DzynKingRTR

    Bruce Willis retiring from acting - He has aphasia

    Bruce Willis retiring This is sad, but might explain why his last few movies have appeared as if he did not care.
  8. DzynKingRTR

    Let's talk NFL draft

    Where do Bama players go? Who does your favorite team(s) draft? The Falcons need everything, but there is a rumor that they could trade up for the fake slider himself Kenny Pickett. It be the most Atlanta thing to do. Trade away a draft for a guy that will be a huge bust when you literally need...
  9. DzynKingRTR

    BREAKING Matt Ryan traded to the colts

    For a 3rd round pick Good luck to him. Now tank the season and draft Bryce.
  10. DzynKingRTR

    BREAKING Troy Aikman to Monday Night Football

    Maybe they will pair him with someone that is listenable. Al Michaels maybe? I actually like Aikman and Joe Buck together. I doubt Buck moves to ESPN.
  11. DzynKingRTR

    Question: What happens if a playoff team gets covid?

    With all the covid outbreaks happening this is on my mind. Does the team forfeit? Do they postpone the playoffs or just the one game?
  12. DzynKingRTR

    Alabama vs Colorado State is cancelled due to Covid

    Trying to schedule someone else now.
  13. DzynKingRTR

    BREAKING Bowl Games are set - no one cares but they're set.

    Looks like some good match-ups if the teams actually care. It seems like the Texas Tech vs Miss State was done on purpose.
  14. DzynKingRTR

    Game Thread: Conference championship games no one cares about

    So we got 2 tonight. First is C-USA Texas-San Antonio vs Western Kentucky In an hour we will have the PAC-12 Oregon vs Utah. Anyone watching this? ADMIN NOTE: Separate game threads are created for 3 games that matter or at least could be decent games (along with the Bama-UGA Game threads...
  15. DzynKingRTR

    Game Thread: 11-27 misc games. who is watching?

    I figured we needed a new one for today's games. Go Yellowjackets!
  16. DzynKingRTR

    Game Thread: Games that no one cares about but might watch anyway - a catchall thread

    I will mainly be watching Ohio State vs Sparty but will be watching Karen aweshucks struggle to beat Wake as well.
  17. DzynKingRTR

    Game Thread: Ole Miss vs Texas A&M (ESPN)

    It is 3-0 Ole Miss
  18. DzynKingRTR

    Game Thread: other games thread - a catchall.

    With apologies to @Bazza . Florida 35 Samford 42 ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha michigan 7 State Penn 6 Oklahoma 7 Baylor 7 Surprised by the score. i thought for sure this score would be mor ein line with the Florida/Samford halftime score. Auburn 28 Miss...
  19. DzynKingRTR

    Game Thread: Early games no one cares about - a catchall

    These noon games stink! Go Mizzu!
  20. DzynKingRTR

    Game Thread: Games we don't care about but might watch anyway even though there is no pickem - a catchall.

    Well it is an open week and not much to care about. Guess I will watch Sparty vs harbaugh for now.

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