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  1. Blindside17

    College Softball World Series

    Just watched Oklahoma beat Northwestern, what a dominating performance. They remind me of the dominant teams Bama has had in football recently. Just make their opponents look horrible. One girl in their lineup had a batting average under 300 and she came in at 293. They had four hitters over...
  2. Blindside17

    Bama Game Thread: Sec Tourney play

    Appears the team is making a good go at it in Hoover. Those loses to teams like UT Martin, UAB, North Alabama etc are sure rearing their ugly heads on the resume for the regional committee. May keep us out of it.
  3. Blindside17

    Bama Game Thread: UGA Game 2

    Lost 3-0 today pitching is doing there part this weekend. Uga scored all their runs in one inning as they did in the 1st game. Looks like we forgot the bats . Need a win tommorow we are falling quickly in the league standings.
  4. Blindside17

    BREAKING First scrimmage

    First scrimmage in the books. Just saw some comments from Saban. When he spoke about wide outs he mentioned Burton had a good day and Anderson had a couple nice runs after catch.. I think Burton is going to be a great addition this fall for us. He also mentioned several drops. Sanders and Gibbs...
  5. Blindside17

    Bama Game Thread: Bama/Murray State game 1

    Bama leading 5-0 headed to the bottom of the 7th. 5 runs on 10 hits 4 left on base so doing a little better today getting them in. McMillian pitched 6 good innings allowing 3 hits. Ray pitched a clean 7th and is headed back out for the 8th.
  6. Blindside17

    Bama Game Thread: Bama vs Troy

    Headed to the top of the Second 2-0 Bama. Jarvis led off with a triple and scored on a Williamson single. He scored on a Seidl double. Decent start but left two on.
  7. Blindside17

    Bama Game Thread: Bama vs UTM

    UTM just beat us 7-6 Second year in a row that bunch has come to our house and left with a w. Pretty embarrassing really. It's going to be a long season...especially when we hit conference play. I'm not looking forward to it honestly.
  8. Blindside17

    Bama Game Thread: Bama vs Jacksonville State

    Headed to the top of the fifth Bama up 5-1 the offense has scored in every inning so far. McNairy has pitched good so far allowing 1 run on 4 hits.
  9. Blindside17

    Bama Game Thread: Bama vs Xavier game 3

    Good guys up 5-0 headed to the Top of the 5th. Hitt went 4 innings allowing 3 hits no runs. Turning it over to the pen now. Bats have been decent but still have missed on a couple of opportunities,as we have left 7 on base through 4.
  10. Blindside17

    Bama Game Thread: Xavier gane 1

    The Tide with 4 in the bottom on the 9th for the walk off! Great start keep it going the rest of the weekend. Just don't wait for the last at bat to get it done..
  11. Blindside17

    Srimmage news

    Anybody hear how the scrimmages went yesterday and today? Anybody really stand out hitting or pitching etc... Just curious have not seen any news come out about either.
  12. Blindside17

    News Article: McDonald's All Americans

    I just saw on Bama has two signees playing in this year's McDonald's All-American Game. Bradley and Miller congrats to both. First time in history we will have two players in that game. Future is looking bright.
  13. Blindside17

    Transfer Portal and how it makes a difference in a recruting class in a couple years.

    Just discussing today at work,the classes just recently signed by Bama, UGA and A&M. And that discussion led to a discussion about how many of these kids would actually still be at the schools they signed with. I said personally I think as many as five kids, from each school would enter the...
  14. Blindside17

    SEC Tournament

    So Bama plays South Carolina Tuesday do we need to beat them and win another game or two to make the regionals? Or are we in regardless. It would sure be nice to get in, to give this team confidence going into next season. They appear to be on the right track but just not quite there yet...
  15. Blindside17

    Ut game 2

    A embarrassing loss. Long way to go. I watched this game on National TV. We can't hit and we can't pitch. This team will not win 10 conference games. It's like watching the Bad News Bears. Sick of under achieving.
  16. Blindside17

    Bama Game Thread: Ole Miss game 1

    We go into the top of the 9th leading 3-1. Ole Miss has scored 6 and is still batting as I post this. If we expect to be a winning program and be consistently in regionals we absolutely have to stop having games like this. Probably will deflate the team for the second game and we will looking...
  17. Blindside17

    BREAKING Emmanuel Henderson committed.

    Did not see a individual thread for this guy. He has committed so he deserves one. Great pickup for the Tide.
  18. Blindside17

    Game Thread: Wright state double header

    Through 3 in Game 1 Bama up 4-0. Jean looking good to this point 1 hit through 3 innings. Denton is 2-2 with a rbi and Hamiter is 1-2 with 2 rbi leading our offense currently. 2 runs were unearned aided by an error from State.
  19. Blindside17

    Game Thread: Game 1 Wright State

    Figured I would go ahead an open this up. Anybody know why Prielipp is not starting today? He gave us 5 solid innings of good pitching last Friday against McNeese State. I hope Prielipp is not inured. Coincidentally Ras the guy that came in for him last week in relief got completely lit up and...
  20. Blindside17

    Game Thread: UT Martin @ Bama

    Through five Bama up 3--1

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