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    Calvin Ridley Suspended for 2022 For Gambling on Football
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    Santonio Beard Has Passed Away

    Rest In Peace
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    South Carolina Names Former GA as Starting QB

    So I guess between Coach Boom leaving and the transfer portal, the cupboard was rather bare in Columbia.
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    Smoking Pork Butts & Shoulders Brine or Not

    This is an often debated topic: with fattier cuts like pork shoulder, Boston butt or even, in some cases brisket, should you brine before smoking? I had 12 folks over yesterday so I decided to try a non scientific taste test. I took two Boston butts, approximately the same size (6 lbs bone in)...
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    Texas High School Player Attacks Official - Charged With Assault

    A ferocious hit on the head official after he had ejected the player from the game.
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    Ole Miss TE DaMarcus Thomas Injured in Practice

    I just heard this on WJOX. Didn’t see it posted. Sounds very serious. This young man is from the Whatley, AL area.
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    Markail Benton Removed From Online Roster (2nd Time)

    I didn’t see this posted anywhere. Benton is not in the transfer portal yet. Suttles speculated on WJOX earlier today that this is “probably it” for him. He has had more than a few issues since arriving at the Capstone according to Suttles...
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    TCU's Trevon Boykin Arrested and Suspended for Alamo Bowl

    And Gus Malzahn immediately reached out to Trevon to see if he had any eligibility left...
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    Propst At It Again: Head Butts a Player

    Good old Rush. Less than a week from not so subtly lobbying for a position on the UGA staff, Rush loses it in his game last night in the Georgia High School playoffs. Yep. He's college material...
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    Crazy Two Point Conversion

    I haven't seen this posted anywhere. Pretty sneaky. And probably a little lucky too.
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    Link: Book Alleges Louisville Staff Member Paid for Sex for Recruits

    Pitino survived his own issues there at Louisville. Now a book set to release this weekend alleges Louisville's Director of Basketball Operations paid for sex for recruits. This could get ugly...

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