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  1. MikeInBama

    Game Thread: Birmingham Bowl (Houston vs Auburn, ESPN, 11am CST)

    Houston scores on opening drive. Auburn had them stopped a few times but they found a way. Houston 7-0 1st QTR 8:46
  2. MikeInBama

    Video: SEC shorts - SEC bowl game edition 2021

    Hope makes a come back LOL
  3. MikeInBama

    News Article: How the SEC West could finish in a six way tie It won't happen but it was fun to see what ifs. They don't break it down in the article but this is how the tie breakers would shake out. Auburn would end up head-to-head with Arkansas and face UGA.
  4. MikeInBama

    Who can challenge SEC division leaders for Atlanta?

    Here are the Division and Conference win percentages after 5 games. West: Place SEC West Win Div% Win Conf% Wins Losses 1st Alabama 92.10% 44.50% 2 0 2nd Auburn 3.10% 0.40% 1 0 3rd Arkansas 1.70% 0.20% 1 1 3rd Mississippi State 1.30% 0.20% 1 1 3rd LSU 0.40% 0.00%...
  5. MikeInBama

    Game Thread: Miss State @ #15 Texas A&M

    A&M threw a pass that bounced and was intercepted. State got a FG. A&M drove the field and got a TD pass. 7-3 1st qtr 9 min left
  6. MikeInBama

    Question: Tua hurt playing the Bills

    All I have is gamecast. Anyone know how he was injured or how bad?
  7. MikeInBama

    Game Thread: Mich St @ Miami (ABC @ 11am)

    0-0 after 10 minutes. Both defenses have sack.
  8. MikeInBama

    LSU ESPN FPI predicts 3-9 record (For LSU)

    Can you imagine going win less in the SEC 2 years after a national championship? Their best chance may be against Miss State.

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