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  1. NoNC4Tubs

    SEC Website

    So I went to the Conference Website and saw that we are 10-0 in conference and 11-0 Overall. Did I miss an OOC game...? :unsure: See here: SEC Sports
  2. NoNC4Tubs

    Allowed Attendance at Home Games?

    Was hoping to see a comparison of the allowed attendance at the games this season... Is there any information out there?:unsure: I read where Vandy isn't allowing any until October.
  3. NoNC4Tubs


    Was looking forward to the game tonight. Is it still on? :unsure:
  4. NoNC4Tubs

    Softball - New Faces

    So, watching the game today against the Hogs. Announcer says that our Catcher has only been with the team for 3-4 weeks. That is very interesting. Is there a story out there about this? :unsure:
  5. NoNC4Tubs

    Off to a great start!

    4-0! Great start to the season although I know that our competition hasn't been really great. :cool: Perhaps we surprise the pundits this season? Thoughts?
  6. NoNC4Tubs

    SEC Softball Standings

    Does anyone have a link to the SEC Softball Standings/Schedules? I went to SEC Sports and they have Equestrian, but no Softball!?! (How can Equestrian even be classified as a sport anyways?!?) :rolleyes: TIA and Roll Tide! :cool:
  7. NoNC4Tubs

    Bama Softball is Pre-Season #1

    Congrats to the Softball Team! :cool:
  8. NoNC4Tubs

    Kirby Smart is Mark Richt 2.0

    Clearly, Smart is not any better than Mark Richt...:cool:
  9. NoNC4Tubs

    Tua's Injury

    Heard that Cecil Hurt tweeted that Tua was flown by helicopter to St. Vincent's in Birmingham. Dr. Andrews is based there I presume?
  10. NoNC4Tubs

    Pretty Cool Band Entry! Stylish! Not sure if this is the right board, but too good not to share... :cool2:
  11. NoNC4Tubs

    Urban will be a terrible analyst

    He didn't answer any of Cowherds questions... :cool2:
  12. NoNC4Tubs

    RJ Cole - potential transfer

    Saw that he was visiting us in another thread and felt that it needed its own. Sounds like he would be a good get for us...:cool2:
  13. NoNC4Tubs

    Has Bama Softball started yet?

    I have looked on ESPN and they have every barn softball game to date for viewing...but no Bama games. Have we not played yet? :confused:
  14. NoNC4Tubs

    Biggest Idiot Football Analyst

    Skip Bayless!!! This guy is a total idiot!!!!
  15. NoNC4Tubs

    Is BJ Emmons on Campus? (Answer: Yes)

    Is BJ on campus? :cool2: I haven't heard anything and we could really use him this fall. (Sorry if wrong board.)
  16. NoNC4Tubs

    We need a bigger museum...seriously!

    Where are we going to put all of these trophies? :biggrin: The place is already cramped as it is. Thoughts?
  17. NoNC4Tubs

    Army All-American Bowl tomorrow

    Do we expect any commitments tomorrow? :cool2:
  18. NoNC4Tubs

    Barn Football at Birmingham Bowl

    Isn't the barn team supposed to visit the Vulcan today followed up with a picnic at Tannehill? :biggrin:
  19. NoNC4Tubs

    2016 5*TE Isaac Nauta

    Noticed that he de-committed from the Criminoles. Any chance with him? :cool2:
  20. NoNC4Tubs

    "Cost of Attendance" inequality

    This is one way that awbern cheats........ Jay Jacobs and Bobby Lowder are very good at twisting numbers. :rolleyes:

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