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  1. bat123

    Pete Golding arrested for DUI (link)

    I think the biggest problem I have other than the fact of what he did was illegal and extremely dangerous, is that I am pretty sure he could have afforded an Uber or a taxi... Come on Pete
  2. bat123

    CFB memes, tweets, images, jokes, etc.

  3. bat123

    News Article: NCAA rules committee exploring changes to limit faked injuries in college football

    That was my first thought when I started reading this thread, however teams that cheat successfully will continue to do so until they can be stopped somehow
  4. bat123

    How to Stream Bama Games (no cable or satellite)

    I use Monsterbox Pro Max living in England and have access to every college and pro game, using a vpn the picture is sharp and very minimal down time
  5. bat123

    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL Postgame thread - Bama @ Auburn...

    I am living in England again, I just returned from home after attending the lswho, NMex, and Arky games. I talk with my best friend on messenger on every game that he doesn't attend we both had almost thrown in the towel and I told him that "If we make to OT we'd win" a once in a lifetime...
  6. bat123

    CFN: Alabama vs Auburn Prediction, Game Preview

    A W is a W if by 1 or 100. These guys put out effort that practically only a few understand. Thanks coach for lighting a few butts on fire, well done!
  7. bat123

    Pick the score: Bama at Mississippi State

    Bama wins by 28 Pups will suffer for the A&M debacle
  8. bat123

    Alabama is ubiquitous

    I have gotten Roll Tides all over the world.... Got one on a dive boat coming from the Colibri Island back to Peurto Rico, in the airport in Dubai, in Le Tube France, practically every where I go if I have on my Bama cap I'll get a Roll Tide! Roll Tide Y'all!!
  9. bat123

    Thank you guys

    Prayers and good wishes to your GF's parents. I do also hope that you stick around the best fan forum on the net. RTR
  10. bat123

    ADMIN NOTE: Now a Utahn ... Anyone else in SLC area?

    Congrats, Our paths have crossed many times, I was also in England when you were 1985- 93 and I offered to bring you some Mt Dew on a London excursion. I was at Hill AFB getting Maintenance instructor training, currently I have a home in Newnan just south of Atlanta, I am currently back in...
  11. bat123

    Bo Schembelcher and Michigan might have a Joe Pa like stain to their legacy

    After reading this the first thing I asked myself was "What did this "doctor" have on Bo?" It is just left me confused and ****ed off. Punching a ten year old bad enough but allowing this guy (He can't honestly be called a man) to molest his players and his son he should have been taken behind...
  12. bat123

    Has anyone been to Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (aka the Swamp/Florida) for a game?

    I went to the Barn in 1980 with my good friend (barner) Aubs vs Hillbillys the barners lost 42-0 at the end of the game the toothless ones (Fourteenesee) started chanting "We want Bama" I looked at my bud and told him that he needed "Go wake 'em up because they were dreaming" We beat them 27-0...
  13. bat123

    Bill Belichick doesn’t think much of Bret Bilema according to court findings

    Yeah but he had a Hot wife 😜
  14. bat123

    Does Anybody Have Pre Game Rituals?

    I wear a seasoned Bama polo, a Khaki cap with the crimson A and a pair of crimson and white striped boxers (my cousin calls them my "Bama panties" ...she's a girl) and talk to my best friend on Majic Jack the entire game, we've done this the last six or seven years while I was in Abu Dhabi and...
  15. bat123


    I want to wish all of my Tidefans brothers and sisters a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving! Although I’ve been retired from the Air Force 20 years now my thoughts always go to my brothers and sisters in arms as they sacrifice pieces of their personal lives to keep us free, stuck in god...
  16. bat123

    Question: Barn Hate Week: How good are they?

    I was there in 2010 they did ruin the season for us as a road team.......
  17. bat123

    Mid season thoughts

    I was in the north end zone for the 1980 ND vs Bama, there was an overly drunk obnoxious ND fan decked out in the green yelling screaming and just being a bad example of a human being, we all let him slide until...… There was an older gentleman (65-70) dressed in his Crimson corduroy jacket and...
  18. bat123


    Welcome back to a cordial and thoughtful poster.

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