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  1. colbysullivan

    John Madden has died

  2. colbysullivan

    SEC Shorts - SEC teams line up to claim their “L”

    The Vandy bit was hilarious
  3. colbysullivan

    SEC Shorts - Defense tries to win back Ole Miss

    "What are you, Alabama?!?"
  4. colbysullivan

    SEC Shorts - The Auburn Fan Experience...

  5. colbysullivan

    Arik Gilbert no longer going to UF (update: going to UGA) I suspect he’s UGA bound, since they’re...
  6. colbysullivan

    Rewatching 2019, some notes

    First off, Mac Jones is going to be really good. Not just “ok”, but really good. Christian Harris is going to be an absolute stud. He’s one of the most athletics LBs we’ve had in Saban’s tenure. Also, I really like Jordan Battle. He has the size and instincts that Saban loves to see. He seems...
  7. colbysullivan

    Full 2020 SEC schedule is out Playing Arky after Auburn feels weird
  8. colbysullivan

    Anyone watching Last Chance U this year?

    They moved to Laney College in Oakland, CA for this year (2019). I am enjoying this season so far (3 episodes in). The head coach seems much more down to Earth than the previous seasons.
  9. colbysullivan

    Jevan Snead passed away
  10. colbysullivan

    Funnymaine week 4
  11. colbysullivan

    Funnymaine Week 1
  12. colbysullivan

    FSU sucks at social media too...

    What in the world?
  13. colbysullivan

    Blake Barnett transferring again Transferring to USF as a grad transfer and will have 2 years remaining. Meh...
  14. colbysullivan

    Funnymaine week 12

    “A little” different than his normal ones but still great.
  15. colbysullivan

    Game Thread: Dawgs and Cats playing together - mass hysteria

    UGA isn’t who we thought they were. They aren’t that good it seems.
  16. colbysullivan

    Funnymaine week 11
  17. colbysullivan

    Shaun Dion Hamilton appreciation thread

    Normally these would be reserved for the end the season, but know. This kid is a great competitor and person, and I really hate it for him. I hope he is able to get ready for the draft and bounce back.
  18. colbysullivan

    Game Thread: Dawgs and Cocks

    UGA gonna UGA. Onside kick to start the game, SMH.

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