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  1. tattooguy21

    Well, as anticipated, SCOTUS blocks Biden vaccine mandate on 100+ employers...

    Finally some good news. Not a fan of the health care workers clause, but it is what it is. I know the comparisons were made to the previous 1905 case with Mass or Maine requiring it under penalty of fraud. But as stated, apples to orangutans.
  2. tattooguy21

    COVID-19 Vaccine Issues and Poll, Part XI

    Gonna be waiting for years at a mortality rate of 1.6.....wait.....1.4% MORTALITY RATE. Number dropped since November/December. So glad people keep getting it and walking away. A .2% drop since 2 months ago is pretty stout, right? And apparently the CDC director said this below. Who knew...
  3. tattooguy21

    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL Pregame Thread - Bama vs. UGA, Monday, January 10, 7:00 PM, ESPN...

    Drink every time they show it today. Alcohol poisoning would kill more people than corona today lol.
  4. tattooguy21

    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL Pregame Thread - Bama vs. UGA, Monday, January 10, 7:00 PM, ESPN...

    When he said it everyone around me just groaned. "We wanted to expose the north to college football championships." He said that....with his mouth. Kinda funny, but the one thing all the fans here seem to agree on is, "why are we here freezing to death."
  5. tattooguy21

    National Championship Roll Call

    At this point I can count the number of Bama fans I've seen on both hands. Georgia fans? I just hope that it's 60-40 in the stands.
  6. tattooguy21

    National Championship Roll Call

    I should really get tickets since I drove all this way 😆
  7. tattooguy21

    National Championship Game Tickets

    We'll get it figured out.
  8. tattooguy21

    National Championship Game Tickets

    I might be in touch with you. I didn't think I'd be in country and gave my tickets away. Lo and behold......
  9. tattooguy21

    Karate Kick and Wear GI?

    HOW DARE YOU! Daniel Larusso was a freaking menace and used an illegal move to win the tournament when he SHOULD have been disqualified.
  10. tattooguy21

    Questions about trip to Indy for NC game

    I'll be wearing shorts thank you very much. My game day outfit can't be changed just for some hypothermia. Nice try Satan!
  11. tattooguy21

    National Championship Roll Call

    Can't not go. Last year on the Friday before the championship my wife said, "why didn'aren't we go this year?" while Washington State was in round 16 of shutdowns and other drama. I immediately jumped on my laptop and she said not to bother, she hadn't scheduled time off, dog sitters, etc. I'm...
  12. tattooguy21

    CFP expansion wager

    One minute twenty seconds to dissolve. Duh
  13. tattooguy21

    Early Odds for National Championship game. UGA -2.5

    Alabama has to have an answer to those tight ends. Bowers, the freshman, leading receiver, leading scorer, 7'9 monster is a problem.
  14. tattooguy21

    CFP expansion wager

    Has it REALLY been 5 years?!?
  15. tattooguy21

    CFP expansion wager

    I'm halfway through the Georgia Michigan game and I'll say this of Georgia wins: $1 bet for whoever wants it: the expansion for the CFP will start in 2025. I don't know when it will be announced. But it will start with the 2025 season. Twice in 3 years the same 2 SEC teams play for the...
  16. tattooguy21

    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly… Bearcat style

    Good: we played well with what felt to be use of 15% of the playbook. Showed no new schemes, wrinkles, etc. Almost like whoever plays us won't have much game film to glean from. That's what I think I saw tonight. Also good: Cincinnati fans showedup and STAYED the entire game. You never see...

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