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  1. AlexanderFan

    Link: Very close to a railroad worker strike

    As if the 2020s haven’t been “fun” enough, railroad workers are very near a strike. I doubt it would be very long, (railroad workers are like air traffic controllers), but who knows what would happen. Typically PEBs under Democratic...
  2. AlexanderFan

    Link: Tragedy in Michigan brings to light strange liability laws TLDR; drop off your Jeep for an oil change, employee kills...
  3. AlexanderFan

    Evan Neal No. 1 overall in a lot of mock drafts.

    I know it’s early, but Evan Neal has been projected to be the first overall pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Should he go first I believe he will be the first Alabama player to be drafted number one overall. Big deal? Would be a feather in the recruiting cap for sure...
  4. AlexanderFan

    Link: One ****ed off American shuts down North Korea’s internet from his living room. Not all heroes wear capes lol.
  5. AlexanderFan

    My wife and I

    Currently sitting in UAB after triple bypass. Diabetes and family history did a number on me.
  6. AlexanderFan

    Link: Oregon edge rusher throws shade at Alabama education. I do love me...
  7. AlexanderFan

    Link: Pig heart successfully transplanted to a human

    He’s lived three days so far with a heart from a pig genetically bred to have it’s organs harvested. Very promising
  8. AlexanderFan

    Woman wins large settlement for being born.

    Woman received a large settlement for being born with spina bifida. She says her life is hard because her mother wasn’t told of the dangers getting pregnant and she deserves better. Thought that might be an interesting discussion. Could be precedent for more people with disabilities to sue...
  9. AlexanderFan

    Link: Pickett fake slide leads to touchdown, should this be addressed with a rule? I think there has to be something done, this was an intentional egregious misuse of this theme of keeping quarterbacks safe. I agree...
  10. AlexanderFan

    Link: Hundreds of FedEx packages discovered in Blount County ravine

    In case you live near here (I do), this may be where your package is. You’d think they could find the delivery person rather...
  11. AlexanderFan

    Minnesota Vikings Everson Griffin locked in his home with a gun. Scary stuff. Praying this works itself out in the best way.
  12. AlexanderFan

    Link: Air tag used to track woman’s car

    It’s not very political, but a lot of us have women or vulnerable people in our lives in one fashion or another, so just be on the lookout this shopping season...
  13. AlexanderFan

    Robot dog with a sniper gun attached. I was hoping for Jurassic Park, we got Terminator instead. This could get ugly. I do seriously kind of wonder about hacking these robots.
  14. AlexanderFan

    BLET & SMART unions attempt to strike over Norfolk Southern crew practices.

    I’m no longer in the railroad industry, but this is potentially huge news, especially with the logistics troubles the nation is facing. To put it simply, when NS is short on conductors to fill the trains they’ve been calling locomotive engineers to fill the vacancies on the trains. Employees...
  15. AlexanderFan

    Two high school classmates please.

    Two friends I graduated high school with both lost both of their parents within weeks of each other. Losing a parent is tough, losing both in less than a month? Soul crushing. In these times of limited visitation can only make this worse. So if you will please add them to your lists, I’m sure...
  16. AlexanderFan

    Link: Derrick Henry gives the perfect answer when asked if he got paid to play for Alabama

    Classless question, but hey, go Derrick.
  17. AlexanderFan

    Link: Bulovas enters transfer portal, who else? That’s two guys so far (Eddie Smith), how many more do we need to make the numbers work? Barmore, Mac, Waddle, and Surtain make potentially...
  18. AlexanderFan

    Link: LSU’s Gilbert says adios to Ogreville Yep yep
  19. AlexanderFan

    Link: 2020 strikes again: no Denver Broncos quarterbacks eligible to play Sunday Broncos will still play. I mostly posted this link to show what a coward Ogre is.
  20. AlexanderFan

    Link: Copycat Ryan Day tests positive, won’t coach vs. Illinois Probably won’t make much of a difference against Illinois. Best wishes Coach Day, get better please

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