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  1. Saban4Ever

    LSU has Covid Outbreak

    LSU has a Covid issue. Maybe this is what Cole Cubelic hinted at last week. I thought Coach O said on 60 minutes earlier this year that most of his team had it already? LSU-Tigers-Alabama-Crimson-Tide-football-game-status-COVID-19-outbreak-cancelled-postponed-154504798
  2. Saban4Ever

    News Article: Clemson Football: How Tigers Mastered the art of Signal Stealing

    Below is a link to an interesting article. I wonder how well Bama does this and which of the Grad assistants help with this for Golding.
  3. Saban4Ever

    News Article: ESPN: No Outrunning His Past, Steve Sarkisian Ready for Another Head Coaching Job

    Below is a link to a good article about Sark. I really hope he stays another few years. Pay him whatever it takes. He is also in my top 2 or 3 for replacing Saban whenever Saban retires. RTR...
  4. Saban4Ever

    News Article: Bama, Bear Bryant and a trainer's bet: Why the Alabama-Tennessee cigar tradition means so much

    What a great article. Thought I'd post it for TN week. Roll Tide! Bama, Bear Bryant and a trainer's bet: Why the Alabama-Tennessee cigar tradition means so much
  5. Saban4Ever

    News Article: The Twelve Days of Christmas with Alabama Football

    I thought this was a great article. Merry Christmas ! I hope BAMA football is dominate for the next 10 years too! RTR🐘🏈
  6. Saban4Ever

    Josh McMillon Granted Medical Redshirt, Will Return for 6th Season

    This is a good article about Josh.
  7. Saban4Ever

    News Article: ESPN: The College Football Playoff Survey: 62 Coaches' Opinions and Harbaugh's Plan

    What do you all think about this article? I thought it was very interesting. I personally would like to see 6 or 8 teams for the expansion, especially with years like this where there are maybe 6 great teams. (Also, because I want BAMA to get in every year even with 1 loss :) )...
  8. Saban4Ever

    Who do you prefer and why.. Arik Gilbert or Darnell Washington at TE?

    Are there any updates on these 2 TE's Saban is trying to recruit? Who do you think would fit best, and why? I think they have both visited UGA and the CB show both to UGA.. surely they both won't go there? Bama should be able to get one of them. Last I heard, I think Saban is focusing more...
  9. Saban4Ever

    News Article: Behind the Scenes with Alabama Injuries

    This is a great, informative article.
  10. Saban4Ever

    Brandon Kennedy broke his leg today (out for year)

    I hope he heals soon! Tired of these injuries piling up.
  11. Saban4Ever

    Game Thread: Alabama Washington Peach Bowl Hype Video

    This is a great video for the Peach Bowl...! RTR!
  12. Saban4Ever

    News Article: Peach Bowl Activities for Alabama and Washington Mon.-Wed.

    This is a good article on Atlanta's about the activities both teams will be doing for 3 days. RTR!
  13. Saban4Ever

    Saban4Ever (new member)

    Hi everyone! I am making my first post as a new member :) I have been reading posts on this site for a few years but just joined last night. I have been a BAMA fan since birth and look forward to commenting on this site. RTR!

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