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  1. Zorak

    News Article: Mississippi legislature votes to remove and change flag

    Didn’t see posted elsewhere. Gov. Reeves will sign into law. No Confederate emblems allowed (great) but... “…must include the words "In God We Trust”. I think this is a bad idea from not a separation of church and state perspective but the vexillologist in me thinks words on a flag are...
  2. Zorak

    Proof of life/an update

    (apologies for any obvious typos, or glaring errors as I dictated most of this on my phone :)) A brief update on my health. For those of you who didn’t know, I was diagnosed with bile duct cancer back in August. I have endured about six weeks in hospital/nursing care since, including one 4...
  3. Zorak

    Link: At least 14 dead in AL/GA/FL tornadoes (update, toll now at 23 dead)

    Horrible day across SE AL, SW GA, and N FL. 14 dead at least in Lee County, coroner expecting to be over 20. ETA: up to 20 now...
  4. Zorak

    2 Mizzou tickets for sale

    Two tickets available for the Missouri game on Oct. 13th. East Upper Deck. Section U4-MM, Row 11, Seats 11 & 12. $180 for the pair (negotiable). Ships from here in Athens.
  5. Zorak

    2 UL Lafayette Tickets

    I'm selling two UL Lafayette tickets. Face value ($45 ea., $90 for the pair). While I got into Tide Pride this year, I got in after the season started and all my weekends had been spoken for. Section U4 MM Row: 11 Seats 11, 12. Can possibly split if you just need a single. PM if...
  6. Zorak

    Finally got into Tide Pride.

    So my number finally came up to get into Tide Pride. I must have put my name on the wait list in 2007 (I can't remember now to be quite honest, but I'm pretty sure it was in my last semester of Grad School, right after Coach Saban was hired). I got a call from the ticket office yesterday that...
  7. Zorak

    Man with no arms stabs tourist.

    You guessed it...Florida.
  8. Zorak

    Oscar winning director Miloš Forman dead at 86

    Directed "Amadeus", "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", et. al. died yesterday. Clicky
  9. Zorak

    Prayers for my uncle

    Would really appreciate prayers for my uncle. They discovered he had cancer shortly before Christmas. He started chemo last week. On Wednesday they discovered it spread to his liver and lymph nodes. Got word late last night he has been put in hospice. Pray that he would be healed, but if he...
  10. Zorak

    Crime Blotter: Man arrested 2nd time for assault with porkchop.

    Not Florida. (Also noteworthy: Not a UGA Football player either): Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Zorak

    nasty weather today

    "Looks like we're in for nasty weather..." Looks like we're in the beginning of a severe weather (possibly tornado) outbreak today. Very ominous skies here in Athens right now, and I see a tornado warning west of Atlanta in the Peachtree City vicinity. Everyone keep safe today across Alabama...
  12. Zorak

    Raiders headed to Vegas

    Looks like a at least one more season, and possibly a couple of others still in Oakland:
  13. Zorak

    Mary Tyler Moore dead at 80 2017 picking up where 2016 left off
  14. Zorak

    Gene Cernan (last man to walk on moon) dead at 82
  15. Zorak

    Prayers for my sister

    Hey sister had a baby (boy) this morning at a super early 26 weeks. He was born at 27 oz (so 1lb, 10/11 oz.). We knew this was a possibility last week when she was admitted to the hospital and put on bed rest for the duration, but of course were surprised when it did happen so early...
  16. Zorak

    Prayers for me and my wife

    Hey all. I've not posted much in a while. In short, 2013 has been a busy year. The missus and I bought a house here in Athens, we moved, she spoke at a four day day conference, she's switching to working at another counseling practice here in town with great opportunities for growth...
  17. Zorak

    Game Thread: Bama at UGA Gymnatics

    Just got to Stegeman Coliseum for the meet. Roll Tide Roll! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Zorak

    Game Thread: Tennessee @ UGA

    Just switched over from the Arkansas @ Texas A&M "game". I think Verne just called it "...Sanford Stadium in Athens, Tennessee". Awesome.
  19. Zorak

    Game Thread: Arkansas @ aTm

    About to get underway...
  20. Zorak

    Pork prices on the rise, worldwide bacon shortage expected next year

    A sign of the times...pork prices expected to double, bacon shortage expected. From the article: Mash this. God help us all. :frown:

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