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  1. WylieTexasTider

    Texas QB commit injures knee

    I know it isn’t related to BAMA but, hate to see this in the State semi’s when you 35-0 in the 2nd Qtr. Likely torn ACL, HC said they have him in a soft cast, on crutches, MRI Monday. From all accounts, good kid who worked his butt off. Hate this for him. Looked like an innocent play but...
  2. WylieTexasTider

    DJ Dale and Trey Sanders (Sanders Reportedly Out for Season)

    Anyone know what type of knee injury DJ Dale has suffered? Saw mention on several sites likely out 2-3 weeks. If 3 weeks, could jeopardize being ready for Duke. (Not that he’s needed, our 3rd string could beat them.) Also noticed Trey missed practice, AL.COM article said Saban should address...
  3. WylieTexasTider

    Bye week moving 2020 and beyond.

    I was looking at our schedules in 2020, 2021 and beyond and it looks as if our annual FCS beatdown/Saban Media undressing is moving up a week. Are we going to a bye week before The Barn which would mean in most years 11 straight games? Or, are we keeping the Bye week before LSU and playing a...
  4. WylieTexasTider

    SEC Tourney tie breaker

    Anyone know the tiebreaker rules? Watching our game VS aTm today, they announcers were talking about scenarios and unless I heard wrong, they said in a 3 way tie with USC and KY we would be 3rd. Therefore, by losing today we basically need to take 2 or 3 from UGA next weekend. I know we have the...
  5. WylieTexasTider

    Who replaces Avery?

    Do we give Pettway a chance? Thought is he can probably be had for $1MM. Let him be a Shula like “caretaker” for 2 years while recovering financially from Avery’s $8MM buyout. Hopefully after 2 years we have the plan in place to rebuild Coleman and go after a big name coach? Or, do you make an...
  6. WylieTexasTider

    Changes for next year

    Obviously we had a great season and we have great players and Saban is the GOAT. Curious what changes/adjustments will you like to see/think we will see? I have several I think we will see. 1. New ILB coach. I know Golding is a good recruiter, just wonder if Nick is sacrificing...
  7. WylieTexasTider

    Weather could impact the Orange Bowl

    Just looked at the preliminary forecast on accuweather for the stadium and it has wind and rain. Up to .25” rain, wind sustained at 16, gusting to 27. That field does not exactly drain well and could become a factor. Both teams have to play in the same conditions but, a chopped up field would...
  8. WylieTexasTider

    Does Locksley coach the Playoffs?

    I hope the answer is no. 1. The play calling/game plan vs UGA looked/seemed at of whack. I’m sure part had to do with Tua’s ankle. I think a good bit of it had to do with being pre-occupied with the MD job. The other candidates interviewed in Atlanta late last week. I’m not dumb enough to...
  9. WylieTexasTider

    BAMA-Aggies game 1

    BAMA jumps out 3-0 in the 3rd inning aided by aTm’s in ability to field a routine pop up in the infield. aTm cuts the deficit to 3-2 thanks to a 2R HR in the bottom of the 3rd. Going to top 4.
  10. WylieTexasTider

    Bobby Williams going to Oregon as on field coach

    I knew he wasn’t happy in an off field role. Wish him the best of luck on Coach Cristobal’s staff!
  11. WylieTexasTider

    How many SEC teams with a new coach in 2018

    I say 8. Two of which Stoops and Mullin will take other jobs. Guaranteed to be gone: UT Arky Ole Miss Florida Most likely: aTm (Loss to AU or LSU seals his fate) Barn (Loss to 2 of BAMA, UGA, aTm does it) MIZ (think he stays but makes major staff changes) Possible: Kentucky (Stoops...
  12. WylieTexasTider

    Who do you predict the top 4 to be Tuesday night and the last one that matters?

    I’m assuming Clemson wins tonight. Tuesday: 1. BAMA 2. UGA 3. Ohio St 4. Clemson 5. ND 6. Miami When it matters: 1. BAMA 2. Ohio St 3. ND 4. Clemson
  13. WylieTexasTider

    Feds arrest prominent assistant coaches and apparel execs.

    Just saw on Bloomberg wire, no link. Fed Prosecutor in Manhattan has presser for noon. Says many prominent assistants involved. Raids went down overnight. Mostly basketball but belief is some football involved. No teams named.
  14. WylieTexasTider

    Goff Out Team meeting at 1:00PM; media around 3:00PM

  15. WylieTexasTider

    Last Goof-ball thread of torture till 2018!

    Well.... we score first on a Taylor HR and get Vandy 1-2-3 in the bottom of the 1st. Might keep this one in single digits.
  16. WylieTexasTider

    BAMA - Vandy Game 1

    Through 3, 5-0 Vandy thanks to 5 hits in the first inning and 2 WP/PB.
  17. WylieTexasTider

    BAMA UF Game 2

    Got to the computer a little late. UF jumped up 1-0 thanks to a one out double and a basehit. BAMA responded with 3 in the bottom of the first thanks to a HBP, WP and hits by Taylor, Webb and Alexander Teams swapped hit in the second but, did no damage on the score board. 3-1 end 2
  18. WylieTexasTider

    BAMA - barn game 3

    Back and forth so far with the umpires being the biggest story! They SUCK! AU got a gift when Coby Vance popped out to first and the umps ruled the ball was a chopper off the plate. The ball hit his bat a foot off the ground and went straight up. Worst call I've ever seen. But, since it happened...
  19. WylieTexasTider

    ESPN OTL article on U of Arizona. (Relates to Greg Byrne and Title 9) I 100% support Greg Byrne. Article just makes you realize all the stuff AD's have to contend with now days. (Mods if this should be somewhere else...
  20. WylieTexasTider

    BAMA-Barn Game 1 : Rained Out.

    First time since March 24 we won't lose an SEC game on a Friday night!

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