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  1. BamaDMD

    Woody Hayes and 5 national championships

    This morning, ESPN had an old video clip of "the punch" that ended a long career for Coach Woody Hayes of tOSU Buckeyes. If you don't happen to remember, the score was 17-15 with Clemson leading OSU with two min left in the Gator bowl game. OSU is driving down the field and was in field goal...
  2. BamaDMD

    Caption this picture of Saban and Orgeron.

    Now listen up aight, next time you open your big mouth and denigrate our team and university, I'll hang 100 on your sorry .....
  3. BamaDMD

    SEC Shorts: Dramatic 2020 season

    How about that SEC speed....:ROFLMAO:
  4. BamaDMD

    Will there be a National Championship game for 2020?

    I have not seen this discussed (maybe I missed it). Providing the season is not cancelled altogether and we have this mishmash season of some conferences playing and some not, how would this play out? If not, do we just have a conference championship game and leave it at that...
  5. BamaDMD

    Who do you want Bama to get in the Bowl?

    Ok. Some will say who cares and such. But I truly love watching my team play. If I had a say, I would wish for Oklahoma. Reason: It would be fun to watch us play Jalen. And with their defense and ours, it would be a fireworks show of offense. What say you if you had a say?
  6. BamaDMD

    Saban wants Mac Jones to be "Lead Dog".

    Looks like Saban just told Mac "Here's the keys to the Ferrari. You're not just parking it anymore" Clicky
  7. BamaDMD

    CFP standings for 11/19/2019

    The show will air 6:00pm central. Interesting to see how the committee views us with Tua's injury.
  8. BamaDMD

    Classic Saban and reporter exchange about Alabama vs Arkansas!

    reporter: "Will there be an effort to get Taulia into the game just to expedite his progression?" Saban "We're focused on winning the game!" Priceless
  9. BamaDMD

    Alabama set to honor 2009 title team.

    This is a short article but had a real nice nugget from middle to the end worth reading. I loved that team, Roll Tide!!! Mash
  10. BamaDMD

    Coaches Poll Out for week 7

    Linky Some changeup in the top ten. 1. Alabama 2. Clemson 3. LSU 4. Ohio St 5. Oklahoma 6. Wisky 7. Penn St 8. Notre Dame 9. Florida 10. Georgia
  11. BamaDMD

    What happened to Thursday night college football?

    It wasn't all that long ago that there were some good games played on Thursdays. This week there isn't even one (unless I missed something). Now the best games mostly get crammed altogether on Saturday around the same time.
  12. BamaDMD

    Game Thread: Oklahoma vs Houston Game Thread: Jalen QB watch

    Anyone going to watch? Just want to say, I'll be rooting for Jalen. I hope he has his best year yet and gets to the Playoffs. I hope we face them in the semi-finals where I will then be wanting to completely crush him and hold him to very little yards. He will then know who his daddy and first...
  13. BamaDMD

    Danny Sheridan on Finebaum (his thoughts)

    His points (not mine). 1. No one on paper better than Alabama, Clemson and Georgia 2. However, Alabama won't make it back to championship game. Will lose to Georgia. 3. Georgia has better defense (slightly). Offensive line is best in the country. Fromm is NFL prospect (as well as Tua)...
  14. BamaDMD

    New Rules by the NCAA for the 2019 season Targeting discussed at the top. Read down the the bottom for the other rules.
  15. BamaDMD

    UCF fans irate at being ranked below a 2 loss Kentucky team.

    PLAY SOMEBODY!! Until then I will just :PDT_hah: UCF Mash
  16. BamaDMD

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly pig style

    The Good: Offense!! This offense is so fun to watch. I think one of the only times we seem to struggle is when we either are trying new things for down the road (and this is not often) or we shift to just burn clock mode by running up the middle. I love to see Lockley experimenting every game...
  17. BamaDMD

    Could have been a "4-peat"

    Just hit me this morning that we were 1 play away from 3 national championships in a row. Even more amazing, 1 play and two games from a 4-peat. Let that sink in. Technically it was 2 games in 2014 but most likely, if we had prepared for OSU 3rd string qb better the final game with oregon...
  18. BamaDMD

    Alabama ranks #2 among fan bases

    Mash Here to see all This seems to be a mixture of Basketball and Football Fanbases. With Ohio St being #1, does that mean BIGTide is a SUPERFAN because of his love for both top 2 programs? :biggrin2: Ohio State Buckeyes Alabama Crimson Tide Notre Dame Fighting Irish North Carolina Tar...
  19. BamaDMD

    How Brian Daboll has helped Jalen Hurts, Alabama's underappreciated leader

    Good Read. mash here
  20. BamaDMD

    Jalen Hurts appreciation thread.

    I wanted to start this thread for not only what he did for this team tonight, but for the other times he has just kept on fighting. He also gets a lot of flack but this is one special player and am glad he is leading this team. I was watching SEC now and they played the interview with Tom...

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