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    Herb Jones Pelicans

    Anyone else trying to watch this playoff game? I just got home from family and I'm a bit behind. I'll catch up during commercials.
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    What to do about our Constitution

    I'd really like some folks with more education and insight to chime in with their ideas about how to strengthen the rule of law and democracy in this country. We're saddled with an undemocratic Electoral College and I wonder how we can move from the pre-electricity dark ages of its conceivement...
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    Saban Believes Voting is Important. I guess we can't even agree on the right for every American to vote, so, straight to NS this goes. Faulkner is proven right every day.
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    Dak Intros himself w High School, not Miss St.

    Did anyone notice that Dak Prescott said his name and then his High School, not Mississippi State? Was this pointed or has he alternated or something this year? Is this unusual?
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    Omicron in Alabama

    So, I am just getting back from the weekend trip to Tuscaloosa. I couldn't sleep well last night so I was reading news articles and twitter. If the numbers are correct, and I'll provide links below, we're currently at 500 new cases here in Alabama. At a doubling rate of 1.5 days, we'll be off...
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    (Not so) Secret Scrimmage w GA Tech?

    I heard on the radio broadcast of the Oakland game Friday that, because of the unusual zone defense played by the Griz, CNO got a secret scrimmage w Tech to help prepare the team. Any info on where it was held and why the Wreck agreed to it? Did we travel to ATL or did they come to us on their...
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    R.I.P. Mike Pitts

    Per reports:
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    Tournament Game times

    Per Cecil tweet
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    Watching the repeat of Edward Waters at Jackson St. (Deion Sanders SWAC)

    ESPN 3. Fun so far. I know the outcome.
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    Coach Nate Oats on SportsCenter just now!

    I was able to recorded the repeat. It's still repeating if anyone cares to record/watch it. Leads off the show!
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    Another truck bomber? This was in the Cedars of Lebanon State Park right next to the Sadie Ford Heritage Farm and Arts Center. As a child, I remember Lebanon, TN being a known Kluxxer area. Feds keeping this pretty quiet...
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    Here's a sample of what we may have avoided.
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    Welcome Langston Wilson and Congrats CNO and Co.!

    Per Cecil: It's official!
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    Saban on "Hey Coach"

    I got this distinct vibe that he was ****ED the game hadn't been moved to Tuscaloosa and I got the idea it was because no one (but Saban) who is in charge, is putting our kids and coaches and support staff first.
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    News Article: Penn St. Doc: 30-35% COVID positive Big 10 athletes have Myocarditis, symptomatic or not

    From Today, Sept 3: From August 20...
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    DR. FAUCI statement. Hate to be Debbie Downer, but

    Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life We have GOT to get serious about this pandemic and reality in general. Wear your masks when around other people; not for your safety but for theirs. (Especially you young folks!) Stop hugging, shaking hands and generally breathing on each...
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    Jim Harbaugh leads while others...?

    Wish it had been our guy. Harbaugh marches with his players
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    Where are you watching the game today? Problems?

    If not attending in ATL, obv. I'm in Huntsville and Comcast is pixilated to the point of unwatchablility. Just switched to Com/Xfinity because of ATT and their problems with NFL Network and FOX. Anyone else having reception trouble? Hurricane?
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    Kyler Murray sick If this is a thread or doesn't need to be its own, please delete. Looks like we might not get the Heisman showdown we thought.

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