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  1. BamaFlum

    Russia Invades Ukraine IX

    How is this not a war crime? You can cover up smaller incidents of civilian deaths but hitting a mall?
  2. BamaFlum

    Russia Invades Ukraine IX

    It seems the Russians have the numbers to throw at the Ukrainians while the Ukrainians have the will and the way. Russians will win this if it continues for too long.
  3. BamaFlum

    Future of the Program

    We just need consistency throughout the season.
  4. BamaFlum

    Game Thread: June 20-23, 2022 - San Francisco Giants at Atlanta Braves

    Braves pull it out. Impressive.
  5. BamaFlum

    SCOTUS and Roe

    Wasn’t the ruling because Maine had issues with some areas not having a high school for the kids who lived there?
  6. BamaFlum

    SCOTUS and Roe

    Jane’s Revenge: legit or hoax?
  7. BamaFlum

    Transgender women in sports

    All sporting bodies will eventual have to deal with this issue in one way or another. This one sounds fair and logical to me.
  8. BamaFlum

    LGBTQ Issues: Will We Choose Love and Acceptance or Hate and Oppression?

    We can all agree that districts like this are insane. I wish they would go to a “normal” district boundary but both sides are too drunk with power to make it happen.
  9. BamaFlum

    Price of gas

    Price of gas coming down slowly here.
  10. BamaFlum

    LGBTQ Issues: Will We Choose Love and Acceptance or Hate and Oppression?

    And a Mexican born woman just won a south Texas House seat as a Republican that has been a Democrat stalwart for decades maybe even a century.
  11. BamaFlum

    Alabama football No. 3 nationally in NCAA academic rate in FBS as APR scores released

    But but but Alabama is all about athletics! Great job!
  12. BamaFlum

    Price of gas

    Discount Tire and Costco will repair flats for free if you purchase the tires there. They will also do free rotation and balance for the life of the tire.
  13. BamaFlum

    Game Thread: Braves vs Nats

    He won’t stay cold.
  14. BamaFlum

    Russia Invades Ukraine IX

    I’m afraid this is going to end up a no man’s land between to the two fronts as they lob artillery at each other. I feel for the Ukrainians and Putin can push up daisies for all I care.
  15. BamaFlum

    LGBTQ Issues: Will We Choose Love and Acceptance or Hate and Oppression?

    Love doesn’t have to go with acceptance. As a Christ follower, I choose to show mercy and kindness to all people but refuse to compromise on basic biblical principles (according to my study of scripture). Jesus’s harshest responses were to the religious while he spoke truth in love to those who...
  16. BamaFlum

    Price of gas

    My daughter’s 2010 RAV4 is the same. The image in the rear view mirror is laughably small.
  17. BamaFlum

    Price of gas

    4.19-4.29 here in south TX. I drive a 2014 F150 (I get 16 in town and 18-20 on the road) so we take my wife’s Highlander (20-22 in town and 26-28 on the road) or my son’s CRV (24-25 in town and 30 on the road) when we have to drive any long distance although I miss the comfort of my truck. The...
  18. BamaFlum

    4 dogs died in hot car while woman ate lunch in New Smyrna Beach

    Some states and/or municipalities have laws protecting people who break into cars to rescue animals locked in a hot car. People don’t realize that a dog uses air movement over the tongue to cool down. Hot air doesn’t cool the dog off. They are very susceptible to heat related injuries vs humans.
  19. BamaFlum

    Russia Invades Ukraine IX

    Interesting video about strategy
  20. BamaFlum

    Leaked Audio Clip Reveals China's Plan To Invade Taiwan

    They may not be ready now, but the Chinese are patient. If our navy keeps atrophying, then we may see them try.

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