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  1. jthomas666


    Made a *really* nice batch of Bolognese sauce that we used for lasagna rolls. Damn good, if I do say so myself.
  2. jthomas666

    BREAKING Shooting at St. Stephens Episcopal Church in Vestavia Hills shooter is in custody
  3. jthomas666

    Politics: Fifth Circuit Nonsense

    Really, we need a thread just for these maniacs. Regulations? We don't need no steenking regulations!!
  4. jthomas666

    BREAKING Kay Ivey Signs Anti-Gay Legislation

    Perhaps before wringing her hands over the Gay Peril, Kay should look to her own office:
  5. jthomas666

    BREAKING Will Anderson is NOT a Lott SemiFinalist

    no words at least, none I can say here.
  6. jthomas666

    Bo "I Spike Backwards" Nix Claims Bama Gets the Calls

  7. jthomas666

    Video: I Like Our Left Tackle...

  8. jthomas666

    News Article: Chicago: Man Arrested in Hotel with Scoped Rifle, Multiple Magazines

    We may have gotten lucky... Five loaded magazines on the windowsill next to the rifle. The window overlooked Grant Park, which during the holiday weekend, was pretty crowded.
  9. jthomas666

    Politics: Healthcare Infrastructure

    So, I came down with the crud, and called my GP to see if I could get in. The nurse called back about 20 minutes later, saying that the doctor couldn't see me, but he went over my symptoms, and recommended that I go to the ER. "That seems extreme". As it turns out, in this town, most docs...
  10. jthomas666

    BREAKING Yet More Woes for LSU (and Orgeron)

    We're pretty much at "raze it to the ground and salt the earth" territory at this point.
  11. jthomas666

    BREAKING SC Upholds ACA (again) 7-2 decision, w/ Alito and Gorsuch dissenting. Haven't read the entire decision, but the initial summary has an air of "We're really getting tired of rehashing this."
  12. jthomas666

    BREAKING Bo Schembechler's Son: Bo Covered Up Sexual Abuse

    Uh, oh... Last week Harbaugh was defending Schembechler.
  13. jthomas666

    News Article: The Eyes of PR Are Upon You

    Texas hires first black band director You remember, of course, the whole song controversy? A separate but equal band, no doubt.
  14. jthomas666

    Happy 4/25!!

    Not as iconic as 2/26, but a classic in it's own right...
  15. jthomas666

    Latest on DC Statehood

    Republicans Erupt After Dem Rep. Calls Their DC Statehood Arguments ‘Racist Trash’
  16. jthomas666

    I Love My Pit Boss

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