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  1. Padreruf

    NCAA Portal Talk

    Ben Davis -- after 6 years in now on a CFL team:
  2. Padreruf

    2023 4 * WR Cole Adams

    Just the good guys.
  3. Padreruf

    Auto lovers - what's your ride? (post pics)

    My 2nd car was that Vega GT -- and it was a big mistake. Fortunately I sold it in 1974 and walked was fun to drive, however.
  4. Padreruf

    Personal Finance Financial Planning & Investing

    That's exactly what my 403b manager said to me yesterday...bonds are down...but they will come back and you at least have par for them if you hold them.
  5. Padreruf

    SCOTUS and School Prayer

    How stupid can you be? Don't answer that question...this is a top 10 at least -- for business owners. Any off the street idiot knows this...
  6. Padreruf

    Happy Birthday, Crimson Audio!

    Trust you had a good one...just keep checking them off!!!
  7. Padreruf

    Ghislaine Maxwell Receives 20 Years for Aiding Epstein in Sex Trafficking

    "People like them" are the reason I am not a universalist...there has to be eternal judgment/justice or there is no God...or that God is not worth believing in.
  8. Padreruf

    Latest Bama News 6/27/2022 Thru 7/3/2022

    Always remember Gene Stallings' quote when asked if UA would recruit smarter players: "It's a lot easier to teach them how to read than how to run fast." LOL. Football was once a brute force game...right now it is a speed game.
  9. Padreruf

    Select Committee on January 6 Insurrection report...

    "The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly small." Sextus Empiricus Patience...justice takes time...
  10. Padreruf

    Latest Bama News 6/27/2022 Thru 7/3/2022

    With top players only staying 3 years -- and some only playing 2 -- juco players should provide a little more maturity. They also should appreciate what a scholarship at UA represents for them.
  11. Padreruf

    2023 Recruiting Targets

    All over Twitter -- Justin Jefferson just committed...
  12. Padreruf

    Late Father's Day Gift from my son

    My sons gave me a Father's Day present today -- we played The Country Club of Charleston Golf course. It is an historic course that is difficult to get on for non-members. We had a is good when you have good children and grandchildren...
  13. Padreruf

    Arch Manning, Texas, and NILs

    This is easier for everyone concerned...and a good decision from his point of view. We will be fine...if he was Archie Jones no one would have cared...
  14. Padreruf

    SCOTUS and Roe - Part 2

    I'm not necessarily "pro-abortion" but I am "pro-women." This and other decisions seemingly coming down the pike are unbelievable. If we can only interpret The Constitution in terms of original intent, then we are going backwards quickly. If not mistaken "original intent" included less than...
  15. Padreruf

    UAB's Bill Clark stepping down due to health concerns

    Kudos to him...though this has to be tough. Having had a spinal fusion myself, there is no way he could do that and coach this sounds simple..until it's you!!
  16. Padreruf

    From a Former Republican: How the Democrats Could Win

    From my experience Shelby was the reincarnation of Howell Heflin...he knew how to get money for the state and kept getting re-elected. That personna has been the essence of most successful southern Senators...keep a low profile and keep the money flowing.
  17. Padreruf

    SCOTUS and Roe

    I really don't know...what I do know is that the current SCOTUS includes 5 Roman Catholics; that denomination has been trying to get public funding for its schools for most of my life. I believe in a free church in a free state -- with no money from the government going to churches. Period...
  18. Padreruf

    SCOTUS and Roe

    You are quite correct...but that change will be happening so fast...if I am not mistaken SC already allows this and I would imagine Alabama does as well. Due to our diversity as a country (and size) public education has always been a struggle, but it has functioned fairly well. Anyone can take...
  19. Padreruf

    SCOTUS and Roe

    This is bigger that most of us can imagine...if public funds can be used for private, religious-based, education, then we will become an ever more divided society. There will be Muslim schools, Hindu, Buddhist, and yes, Christian of all sorts who will have their hands out -- legitimately. We...
  20. Padreruf


    It sounds worse than it have 2 players in the top 25 -- DJ and Koepka -- both of whom are sliding downhill and really don't want to put in all the work to keep up with the new kids week in and week out. Otherwise you have the "over the hill gang" who rarely threaten to win on the PGA...

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