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  1. UntouchableCrew

    News Article: Great Article on Downfall of Florida State

    'They're in a deep, deep hole': Inside the 6-year unraveling of Florida State football Highly recommend this great ESPN article on the downfall of the FSU Program. Really in depth, gives a good perspective on that program.
  2. UntouchableCrew

    Unlikely Hypothetical -- Playoff

    Alabama beats UGA Northwestern beats Ohio State Texas beats Oklahoma Who is the 4 seed? ESPN is predicting in that scenario UGA still gets in at #4 and we immediately rematch them in the Cotton Bowl. While I can understand the logic I just find it hard to believe we'd get an immediate...
  3. UntouchableCrew

    Ranking Future and Potential Opponents

    How would you rank our future (and potential playoff) opponents based on their chances to upset us? Teams that might actually have a chance: 1. Clemson -- They have legit NFL talent on defense and with Lawrence getting into a groove they have looked great on offense too. I think they're the...
  4. UntouchableCrew

    What is better -- dominating weak SEC or narrowly top team in elite conference?

    Let me first say this -- nothing is more important than Alabama being the best team in college football. Forget conference pride, forget rivalries, forget everything. I'm sure we'd all agree the single most important thing is that Alabama is the preeminent team in college football. And they are...
  5. UntouchableCrew

    ESPN KC Joyner -- Top 10 Alabama Teams of All Time Article from ESPN's KC Joyner breaking down top ten Crimson Tide teams of all time. Thought people would enjoy. EDIT: Just realized it was Insider. Not sure if I'm allowed to...
  6. UntouchableCrew

    Visiting LSU

    My sister and I are visiting Baton Rouge for the game. We'd like to tailgate but are coming from out of town -- anyone know a good area to join in? I know the south is famed for its hospitality but I'm not really sure how to go about joining in on a tailgate.

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