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  1. cuda.1973

    Wichita State investigating Coach Marshall

    Internal investigation..............seems to revolve around how he treats the players. Where there is smoke, there must be fire, right? Did not realize there...
  2. cuda.1973

    ACC proposes radical March Madness changes

    Seems that Coach K is pushing this, so who knows what will happen. If he/they get their way, all 350 D-1 teams will be in the field. Guess the NZAA needs the money...
  3. cuda.1973

    Mark "GotFired" is suing NC State
  4. cuda.1973

    Tyler Gentry drafted by KC

    He went in the 3rd round, as the #76 overall pick.
  5. cuda.1973

    Prayers for the family of Micheal Westbrook, SE Texas music educator & musician

    Micheal Westbrook, 54, was a music educator and musician, in the SE Texas area. Over the course of his career, of his many accomplishments, he was an music educator in 3 different school districts, in that area. Mrs. C's daughter and son-in-law both knew and worked with him, going back to their...
  6. cuda.1973

    Game 2: 3-2 loss ends streak at 14

    Had lots of chances...................left the bases loaded..........more DPs. The most drama was the last out of our 7th. They called a foul tip a strike, and Coach Bo gave the home plate ump a piece of his mind. Ended up getting tossed. That ump did not have the best day going. Well, can't...
  7. cuda.1973

    Game 1: 2-1 win, in 13, on bases-loaded WP.

    All of the runs were unearned. We scored first, in the 3rd. They tied it in the 7th. We had lots of chances to win in the extra frames, but could not get it done. There was a total of 40 Ks, in this game. The innerwebs was down part of the game, so missed some of the middle innings. All you...
  8. cuda.1973

    Sweep complete, with 6-3 win!

    Reeves hit a solo, in the 7th, to break a 3-3 tie. He walked in the 8th to drive in another run. RBI single by Jarvis added the 6th run, to close out the scoring. Radio network was kaputski, so had to look in on the twittering box thingie. We scored 3, in the 2nd. They came back with 2 in the...
  9. cuda.1973

    5-1 sweep!

    All of our runs scored on long balls. A pair of 2-run shots, and a solo. Praytor hit the solo shot with Tyler Gentry adding the other 2. UNLV's only run came in the 2nd, on back-to-back doubles.
  10. cuda.1973

    9-1 loss ends the season

    In typical fashion, we left 'em loaded, in the 9th, and failed to push a run across. I know a lot were hoping we would get to Hoover, but what would have been the point, other than to have some fun. Here is to a better 2020 season. (Also in typical fashion, DUH-verse went down several times...
  11. cuda.1973

    Retired Garland police officer talks about 2015 terrorist shooting at Culwell Center

    Some of y'all may recall some notorious malcontent was there, attending a so-called free speech event. Only to live to tell about the first ISIS terror attack, on US soil. Anyway, a Garland traffic police officer spoiled their plot, by shooting both attackers. While they were wearing body...
  12. cuda.1973

    Game 2 in rain delay

    Bigger news is our gals hang on to beat the Corndogs, 4-3. Regular season champs!
  13. cuda.1973

    Game 1 goes to API, 5-1

    Same ol', same ol'...................hits, none when you really needed one, and too many missed opportunities. Mainly due to hitting into DPs. Finnerty had some sort of injury, a few batters in. Trainer came out, he threw a few pitches, and decided to finish the inning. API put up 2 runs. He...
  14. cuda.1973

    Bases-loaded 9th inning rally falls short, 5-4 final

    Well, we had our one in the 8th, one in the 9th, got 'em loaded in the 9th, but Holcombe strikes out to end the game. Way too many (10) LOBs. We need to do something about that. Maybe more details in a bit.................need to run................
  15. cuda.1973

    L8U takes Game 2, 5-2

    We came up short, even though we outhit them, 10-9. We got on the board, in the 1st, on a solo by Holcombe. They tied it, in the 3rd. And then the 4th inning happened............................ On what was originally ruled a foul ball, after a very lengthy video replay, it was ruled fair...
  16. cuda.1973

    Corndogs go down 6-1, in Game 1!

    We came this close to shutting them out. A 2-out double, in the 9th, ruins the shutout. (Aided by a WP, allowing a runner to advance to 2B.) Gentry and Reeves hit solos, in the 1st, and that is all we needed. Finnerty goes 6, allows just 5 hits, with 1 BB, while fanning six. We had a total of...
  17. cuda.1973

    JSU: Bama wins 6-3, with 3-run 9th

    Didn't get to hear the game, but kept an eye on the score. Both teams gave up some unearned runs, early on. JSU led 3-1, at one point, and we eventually tied it at 3-3. At least we are finding a way to win the midweek games. Progress, slow, but progress.
  18. cuda.1973

    Vandy Game 1

    Vandy gets a solo, in the first. Joe Breaux answers with a 2-run shot in the 2nd. 2-1, good guys!
  19. cuda.1973

    Another mid-week win, 3-2 over UAB

    2-1 going to the 9th. We got a 2-out walk, to bring home a run. UAB adds a solo in their half of the 9th, but that is all. On to Vandy...................
  20. cuda.1973

    SC wins in 12, 5-4

    Scored the winning run without a hit. We should have thrown out a runner at 2B, by the ump did not see it that way. Went to 3B, on a wild pitch, and scored on yet another WP. Game started about as bad as it ended. SC got 2 in the 1st, 2 in the 2nd (we need to find a "Sunday starter"), for a 4-0...

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