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    Pierre Commits to Alabama

    Reported on 247
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    Safe To Say That Our OC This Season Will Be The Same As Last Season?

    I`m unaware of any additional interviews for BOB (?). What`s the general thought?
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    DBs not playing the ball

    I can`t be the only one who cringes whenever the other team throws long. It may not be so in reality, but it seemed like 70-80% of the time the throw results in 1) A long completion or 2.) A PI call. I know they`re taught to keep looking at the receiver until " in phase " ( whatever the hell...
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    Would Bet The Training Staff Will Be Working Overtime

    Pretty beat up. Hope they can get the O line back together again. One bright note I guess was that Latham got plenty of good snaps and we continued to run the ball well. Won`t have that same success against UGA, will need to throw.
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    Recruits At SECC Game?

    Anybody know? Sure was an impressive thing for them to see.
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    My Apologies If Reported, But How`s BRob?

    Looked like a hamstring to me.
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    Differences in O Line Coaching, Pros vs. College ?

    There are those that opine that our O line issues may well stem from CDM`s pro coaching background. Would someone with more knowledge of O line play in general and O line coaching in particular please expand upon this? What is it that may not translate from the pro game to college when it comes...
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    Great Weekend for the Recruits

    Got to see a great crowd and , with a couple of exceptions not withstanding, a great performance by the team. Should be a real positive.
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    CEO Said He Was “ Surprised “ At UK Run Game?

    That remark might just be the last coffin nail.
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    Any Similarities Scheme Wise ( on offense ) Between Between USM and Ole Miss ?

    Obviously the level of athletes is different but a similar O philosophy and scheme would be useful.
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    Any Updates on Will Anderson?

    Last I heard " questionable " for Florida. That`s better than definitely " out ". If that`s still the case, probably a sprain or bad bruise?
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    Creativity and a Loaded RB Room

    I find myself wondering if and how there`s a way to scheme more than one of these RBs on the field at once? I suppose that would be somewhat " radical ", but that`s such an abundance of riches I would hope that there would be a way to take advantage of it. It`ll be interesting to see what kind...
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    General Thoughts About Doug Marrone As O Line Coach?

    Just wondering what those in the know think. I know he has an NFL background but uncertain as to his O line coaching credentials. I believe it`s more stable on the D side of the line. Will feel better with a good O line coach and O coordinator. Yes, I trust CNS!
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    LaBryan Ray To Start?

    Listed in the projected lineup. I knew there was speculation that he might be able to play, but start? I`m all for it if he`s ready to go.
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    Is This The Most Talented Offense Alabama Has Ever Put On The Field?

    As a unit, IMHO, yes. Been watching Alabama football since `58. From an across the board, talent perspective, I don`t think any others have come close.
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    Anybody Expected To Announce Between Now And Early Signing?

    Or are we done until then?
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    Any Seniors Coming Back?

    With the extra COVID year, anyone see any seniors coming back for another year? Some speculation on B. Rob.
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    Just Me, But During The Off Week, REALLY Hoping That We`re Working Some Young WR`s REALLY Hard

    Javon? Maybe him and one other? IMO somebody else really needs to be ready.
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    Do We Run Much 4 Wide?

    I guess I should know that but I don`t. With JW out, probably time for Javon Baker(?). Why not have a set or two with Smitty, Metchie, Slade and him? Might as well throw him in the deep end of the pool this week.
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    What? Maybe Three Slots Left?

    My guesses: Adeleye, Thomas, Sorey.

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