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  1. rgw

    Alabama announces a press conference with Nick Saban and Tua Tagovailoa on Monday 11am CT

    After all the AD coordinated intention announcements - the consistent graphics with their statement are provided by AD marketing - from the players over social media, I did not expect a press conference for Tua Tagovailoa. I don’t think this means anything other than the media probably had been...
  2. rgw

    UGA appears to have quit on the 2019 season

    Alternatively: how many of those guys with "undisclosed" availability got pinged on the NCAA drug test?
  3. rgw

    Game Thread: TAMU vs Okie St. (12/27 @ 645p CT | ESPN)

    Aggy is already down 14-0. Mond continues to look like the worst 4-year starter at QB.
  4. rgw

    The Mandolorian

    So I finally got around to trying Disney+. The Mandolorian is actually quite good. Well acted and shot. Story has been solid thus far. Really reminds me of weekly western television show where our hero rides into town and fixes a problem before riding off into the sunset. Perhaps there is a...
  5. rgw

    Where will this team rank in the Saban era

    The story still has one more chapter to be written but I think it is fair to start figuring out where this team falls in the Saban era. It is insane how empty this 10-win season will end up being compared to other Saban Alabama seasons if they don't beat their first good opponent in the bowl...
  6. rgw

    Arkansas fire Chad Morris to the surprise of no one

    Chad Morris fired after 4-18 start Willie Taggart and Chad Morris deservedly didn't last 2 full seasons. Still, the economics of the sport has changed a great deal. You use to get a full recruiting cycle (4 or 5 years) when I was younger. The threshold for termination due to performance became...
  7. rgw

    Miller Forristall out "several weeks"

  8. rgw

    Big Ten probably didn't have this in mind for their Friday Night Football

    1184503187992174593 Getting pushed down the pecking order due to playoff baseball is one thing but the WWE. L-O-L
  9. rgw

    Home/Road Splits v. SEC under Saban and some other interesting stats

    I was looking up some stuff for another discussion and figured I'd share some interesting stat quirks: Alabama is undefeated v. Arkansas (12-0), Tennessee (12-0), Kentucky (4-0), Missouri (3-0), Vanderbilt (2-0). Alabama is 5-1 v. Georgia overall but 0-1 at home v. Georgia. All 5 wins came in...
  10. rgw

    Game Thread: MSU v. ULL (Clanga v. Cajuns)

    MSU is sputtering with a lot of turnovers...could be interesting.
  11. rgw

    Fall Camp is Here

    Here's the kickoff press conference from Coach Saban: Highlights: - "This is one of the best conditioned teams coming out of the Summer" (Rest of the conference: :eek2:) - Reinforcing team-first attitude - Did not offer Zach Smith a job in Jan 2018 (ESPN clickbait'd something about this...
  12. rgw

    Former corporate lawyer finds that corporations are sociopathic tfw you need DSM-5 to tell you today what Das Kapital could've told you over a century ago. :)
  13. rgw

    News Article: America’s Cities Are Unlivable. Blame Wealthy Liberals.

    America’s Cities Are Unlivable. Blame Wealthy Liberals. - Farhad Manjoo (NYT Op-Ed) This is the crux of my diatribes against centrist liberalism. It is phony, talking out both sides of their mouth politics.
  14. rgw

    BBC writer DESTROYS snowflake Ben Shapiro Sorry I couldn't resist the title
  15. rgw

    A-Day Dinner

    1117941074394275840 1117941337930850304 1117941900655374337 1117942430727376897 1117942562059423744 1117943346750734338
  16. rgw

    Predicting a championship: 1000-yard rusher

    Leading Rusher by Season 2007: Terry Grant, 891 yards 2008: Glenn Coffee, 1347 yards 2009: Mark Ingram, 1658 yards 2010: Mark Ingram, 816 yards 2011: Trent Richardson, 1583 yards 2012: Eddie Lacy, 1322 yards 2013: TJ Yeldon, 1163 yards 2014: TJ Yeldon, 932 yards 2015: Derrick Henry, 1986 yards...
  17. rgw

    Alabama the first program to win a CFP playoff game against every Power 5 conference

    ACC: 2015 Clemson, 2017 Clemson Big Ten: 2015 Michigan State Big-12: 2018 Oklahoma Pac-12: 2016 Washington SEC: 2017 Georgia
  18. rgw

    Notre Dame is the reason we're gonna have to go 8 team playoff

    Pure and simple, any time it can be reasonably argued to put them in the four team field it is going to happen. They schedule helmets folks respect regardless of their quality. Accordingly when they go 11-1 or 12-0 then you can damn near bet on them being in the bracket. The only way to mitigate...
  19. rgw

    Is it inevitable that the playoff games become Super Bowl-like corporate venues?

    So part of the discussion leading up to this game is the likelihood that the Alabama fanbase doesn't really takeover the Orange Bowl. It got me thinking about the affect that this will have on the playoffs in general because the playoff brackets have largely been a small group of usual suspects...

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