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  1. Toddrn

    Florida: Top UF receiver Jacob Copeland enters portal

    Any chance we would take a look at him?
  2. Toddrn

    Game Thread: MSU vs Ole Miss

    Just tuned in to the game and didn't see a thread. What's with so many people wearing a mask?
  3. Toddrn

    Shelled Pecans

    I am looking for shelled pecans. I know some of the best come from Alabama. I have found them on other sites but can't bring myself to pay 10-15 dollars a pound before shipping. Any help would be great. RTR
  4. Toddrn

    SEC Fish Shaped Magnets

    A few years back there were magnets shaped like a fish showing your team eating another team. I have a 5 y/o girl at my church that loves college football and would like to buy some for her but can't find them anywhere. Can anyone help? Thanks and RTR
  5. Toddrn

    Crime Blotter: UGA defensive end charged with felony

    According to today's Marietta Daily Journal UGA defensive end Michael Lemon will surrender to police today. He is being charged after he sucker punched someone at a party for talking to his girlfriend last Saturday. The person he punched was knocked unconscious and had to be taken to the...

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