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    JessN: SECCG preview | Alabama vs Georgia : Tide always has a shot, but there is no margin for error

    I really think one of the keys to the game is offensive play calling for Bama. It is critical to not be predictable. Need a Shark like game. Also don't put so much on Bryce at the LOS. Get up to the line and go most of the time. Need some outlet passes if the rush is too strong. We have...
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    Question: Are referees crooked?

    What is so funny if that if you go to the Auburn boards, all they ever complain about is how Alabama gets all the calls and Alabama would lose 2-3 games every year if not for the refs. That is probably where Bo Nix got his opinion from that he expressed last week. The other non-stop excuse...
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    Question: Anyone else caught off guard by the new overtime rules?

    I was because of the 9 OT game earlier with Illinois and Penn St. I think it was the first one I had watched that went that far,
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    Poll: Straight Up - Who wins the SECCG?

    The way Bama can win is if O'Brien can call a game like he is Shark. Will need a lot of quick hitters and side to side to get the D-line for UGA tired. Also have some check-downs available if the O-line doesn't hold up. Bama is the best team UGA has played this year. Also some up-tempo to try...
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    Heisman Conversation

    Bryce won - Stroud lost. Bryce was ahead before the weekend... he should still be ahead
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    Bama-UT wrapup: Tide dominates stat sheet, but mistakes kept Vols in it -- to a point

    I wear my Bama shirts on game day. Most of my UT friends don't say much other than they know we are going to beat them every year. On the blowout, I was talking about early in the game. the final was definitely a blowout. without the 3 bad plays it would not have been a 7 point game in...
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    Heisman thoughts

    I would hate for it to happen but if a 200 lb Corral continues to run as reckless (for his body) as he did against TN; I think he will be injured. He is a warrior but I don't think his body will hold up if he gets the right lick from a LB or DT while continuing to run.
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    Bama-UT wrapup: Tide dominates stat sheet, but mistakes kept Vols in it -- to a point

    Thanks for your write-up. I got a little frustrated living in Knoxville and wanting a blowout early, but I never really thought they could beat us. I worried more about Ole Miss when we played them than the Vols. I totally agree that if you remove the 3 bad defensive plays, the game is a...
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    JessN: TENNESSEE @ ALABAMA GAME PREVIEW: Vols’ chances depend on whether more than just the offense has improved

    I think Hooker is going to start but I would be surprised if he is 100%.
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    Joel Klatt breakdown of A&M-Bama

    19 Billingly had a bad game and was the culprit on a couple of those plays. Just hasn't look crisp , slow and clkumsy. He also had another drop for a first down
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    JessN: Florida wrap-up: Hopefully a message for Bama, not its opponents instead

    Thanks for the analysis. I thought we looked very slow on D in the second half. I agree with you on the middle of our D, inside LBs and Safeties. Our corners still get too many PI calls, especially with a passer who is not spot on accurate. The O got stale after the first 21 points instead...
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    PICK'EM: 2021 Tidefans Pickem Pool - [ Week 3 ] - [DEADLINE: 11am CT 9/18]

    The Pool has USC playing Washington Huskies in week 3.... I think USC is playing Washington St
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    Game Thread: Tua vs. Mac...

    The single biggest problem that Tua has right now is that his Oline is horrible. It is rated 29th out of 32 in the league. About 80% pf the time he has to hurt to get rid of it is it isn't a slant or short throw. Give him time and he will be a good one.
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    JessN: MIAMI WRAP-UP: Bama razes Canes, but isn’t a complete team yet

    Thanks for your analysis. I thought it was offensive PI on the call right before the half on Wright. The receiver was pushing off. It was questionable if the receiver was pushing off on the TD for the Canes as well.
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    If CFP Expands, What's the Fate of the SEC Championship Game?

    teams want a piece of the playoff money pie. this will hurt the New Years Day 6 bowls ( unless all of them are used for the 12 teams but only 4 of those games will be played on the same day.)
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    JessN:'s NFL Draft recap

    Good insight. thanks
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    20th Anniversaries? How many do we have?

    i will hit 20 years in Dec... (Dec 2001 start date). I read a lot more than I post but I have been a regular browser for the whole time. Love the FB board here...

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