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    News Article: Ranking Nick Saban's six Alabama national championship teams Thoughts? I agree with #1 and # 6, Have no idea about #2 through #5.

    Question: What was your favorite bama sec championship game/moment?

    For me it’s a tie between bama taking out Florida in 2009 and jalen hurts redemption in 2018 against Georgia.

    2009 iron bowl is on sec network

    3rd qtr right now. Playing auburn in auburn is such a miserable experience even when we win. Kind of crazy that 4 of the 5 national titles bama has won have gone through JHS.

    10 years ago: Iron bowl 2008 video

    Happy Thanksgiving Guys Remember when Auburn had their little streak but Alabama had Julio Jones and Mark Ingram??? Pepperidge Farm remembers. ;) This game was cathartic for Bama fans after years of putting up with Auburn's Garbage. This video always gets me pumped for the Iron Bowl. Enjoy!!

    Link: Police Officer killed in florida 45 years old. Leaves behind 5 children. :frown:

    Joe Tessitore on Finebaum Praises Alabama's Defensive Line

    Says Reggie Ragland is emerging as a star. But the best part is the way he described The defensive front. :eek: :eek::eek: The man really likes his adjectives. :biggrin:

    Link: Iron Bowl 2008: The Day the Streak Died

    its been awhile since I've posted, hope everyone has been having a wonderful thanksgiving. If you get bored I'm going to be posting some past iron bowl games that I found on youtube that yall can watch in anticipation for the "mother of all iron bowls" We begin with Alabama settling a score...

    Link: AMAZING VIDEO: Alabama Crimson Tide - The Golden Age

    IS IT AUGUST 31ST YET?????

    Have we Been a Better Road team Than Home team Under CNS?

    Just thought i would spark up a little debate but it seems like most of our biggest and most impressive wins/performances(during the regular season) have come away from home in nick saban era. while some of our most frustrating and head scratching losses/poor performances have come at home in...

    CNS Three National Title teams (stats)

    its interesting how all three teams are so similar in terms of the average points per game and and points allowed among other things. 2003 LSU Tigers (13-1) Offense: Averaged 33.92 points per game Defense: Gave up an Average of 10.2 points per game 2009 Alabama Crimson Tide (14-0)...

    Link: Alabama's Offensive Production 1990-2011

    intresting look at the offenses production in the last two decades.

    Link: espn article: Tide determined not to repeat 2010 I actually think 2012 will be an awesome year for bama but a lot of people outside this forum don't believe me.....i hope i can say "i told you so" at the end of the year. :biggrin:

    Link: Things Vol Fans Say Often....(very funny)

    if this guy is actually a UT got to give him credit for his ability to laugh at his own fanbase.

    Link: Alabama's 2011 demolition defense grows in legend

    bama is now first in the nation in rushing, scoring, total and pass efficiency defense. they are also 3rd in the nation in total pass defense....thats amazing :eek2:

    Link: Alabama vs ut 1990 "the kick part two"

    just found this on punchdrunkpanic's youtube just seems like every couple of years its a field goalfest. Hey??? how come when i put the link in it doesn't show the video in my post???

    Question: A question about the 1992 defense

    Ive been reading a lot about 1992 defense and one thing ive gathered is that our offense would go three and out a lot..and put our defense out on the field. Im just wondering did the 1992 defense have superior conditioning of some kind???? because ive seen even the greatest of defenses get worn...

    Matt hayes beef with AJ continues.

    If you guys don't remember, back in september after the arky game i posted this weasles scathing (almost as if AJ had slashed his tires) article about how mccaron was a "weakness" on our team...well apparently you would think he would be an adult and admit he was wrong with AJ playing really...

    David Pollack "Alabama has the best Defense, Hands down"

    So im watching the The palmer and pollack show and David Pollack got into a debate with palmer about whether oklahoma would be competitive against bama or lsu, and who had who has the best defense overall. while and palmer gave this long speech about how oklahoma's defense is right up there...

    Dan hawkins mocks AJ's Critics

    so im watching the experts on espn U and former colorado coach Dan hawkins was discussing with the rest of the panel about stephen garcia and Sc's problems and he said something that cracked me up and complimented AJ in the same discussion Hawkins: Guys will say, "i'll hand it to an idiot, ill...

    Colin Cowherd "i think Alabama is a better tackling team than 90 percent of the NFL"

    Colin Cowherd "i think Alabama is a better tackling team than 90 percent of the NFL" xD cowherd said something before that along the lines of "nobody in the country can consistently move that ball on bamas Defense..Wisconsin would have the best shot but it still wouldn't matter.." "That...

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