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  1. tattooguy21

    CFP expansion wager

    I'm halfway through the Georgia Michigan game and I'll say this of Georgia wins: $1 bet for whoever wants it: the expansion for the CFP will start in 2025. I don't know when it will be announced. But it will start with the 2025 season. Twice in 3 years the same 2 SEC teams play for the...
  2. tattooguy21

    Players state of mind

    Saw this from the media days today. DJ Dale said some good stuff, but Latu won the day.
  3. tattooguy21

    Giving opportunities

    This isn't a political post, and I request some mod love to help keep that out of here. For any number of reasons, things are more expensive this year. The group that will feel this most fiscally will be middle, lower middle, and lower class. I've put together toys for tots donations for over...
  4. tattooguy21

    Saule T. Omarova, worst Comptroller of the Currency pick ever? Don't take my word for it. Take hers. A paper she wrote regarding finances. Or based on today's...
  5. tattooguy21

    Xavier Williams to transfer portal

  6. tattooguy21

    VA election a sign of the virus? beware smiling, vest wearing extremist

    If you are a member of the Democratic party, you're a socialist is a communist. If you are a member of the Republican party, you're an extremist is Nazi. Feel free to post the endless steam of politicians labelling each other as these things. I see the President as a lame duck come next...
  7. tattooguy21

    IRS $600 account monitoring (now $10K)

    I ran the tax center annually from 1999-2005 at each installation I was at. I don't understand this. One of my then paralegal buddies got out and went to law school. He's been an attorney for the IRS since 2009 to better explain it to me. How this will help them in the search for those...
  8. tattooguy21

    NCAA recommends removal of standardized test scores for racial equity

    Thoughts? Since I don't believe in equity, I'm out. No more a fan of this than Yale and other schools having higher requirements for Asians to get in vs other races. I guess my issue is the same one I've had in other areas, most recently military physical fitness standards......when a group...
  9. tattooguy21

    Me too, he said, she said (spin off from "oh cuomo" but without politics)

    I saw that the recent thread has moved into sexual assault allegations and as always, right vs left. Instead, while removing party affiliations and wealth from the equation (yes, I believe ((and can provide links)) wealthy break laws and even when caught have a lesser chance is facing similar...
  10. tattooguy21

    Oh Cuomo

    It's ok to issue death rates related to the nursing home corona stuff that are off by 50%, BUT, don't sexually harass people. That's the line people. That's the line. James will be taking over eventually.
  11. tattooguy21

    Women and the draft

    Finally. Didn't make it through the SC a few years ago because all jobfields not being open to both the sexes, but since then things have changed. Everyone gets to share the wealth of selective service. You get a draft and you get a draft and YOU A GET A DRAFT...
  12. tattooguy21

    Mandatory mask nationwide? In all seriousness, a national mask mandate worries me. Has from the beginning. The idea is that it'll increase the safety of others if you wear a mask. Lawyers, help me out, does it not open the door for other...
  13. tattooguy21

    News Article: PARTY III: THE LSU Alabama tidefans meet up

    You don't have to pay, there's no cost of admission. To send money use the app linked here ( and my user name is $wtfjr1 UPDATED 21 OCTOBER (basically the future) Ok, so I'm holding off on the final food orders. I need to get input from those attending for numbers...
  14. tattooguy21

    Poll: PART II: 2019 Gameday meetup (UPDATE - see page 3)

    SO based on the previous poll results it's down to two games, TENNESSEE (OCT 19) or LSU (NOV 9). Final voting will be decide here for which game. Information available thus far is: Tailgating package consisting of Holds up to 50 guests Reserved location 20’x 20’ tent DISH Media Package 12...
  15. tattooguy21

    Poll: Tidefans 2019 Game day meetup

    Hello Tidefans, After the fun that was had by all at last years official meet-up we're going to give it the college try again. This time however, it will be planned under the banner of an official Tidefans meetup. If you're unfamiliar with last years event, you can visit the thread here. 1)...
  16. tattooguy21

    China the bully, China the criminal

    A year or two ago I was completing a semester towards a degree. I based the entire semester on China and its relationship between its commercial aviation and the its govt. Years prior I had experiences with China via a Chinese American journalist I had worked with on some projects. I'm not a...
  17. tattooguy21

    Hits keep coming (a laugh if it doesn't hurt)

    Get into my place of work and get picked up in the "company car." Here's how that car looked.... They even got me orange and white tic-tacs and a sympathy card. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  18. tattooguy21

    UCF gofundme to investigate SEC was cute, until it wasn't. I picture this as a death sentence to your school. They say there's no such thing as bad publicity......well I think you may be the first to have found it. What P5 school will even communicate with you now? Who wants to talk to a school when the risk is...
  19. tattooguy21

    Appreciate Saban (even more) article

    Just a well written piece to remind everyone of what they already know The excerpt says it all... Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  20. tattooguy21

    CAL football player dead, nonteam workout, 19 YO

    I'm sad to hear this. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk

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