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    24 hours in Tuscaloosa.

    Leaving tomorrow from Dallas to Gulf Shores. Leaving a day early to go to Tuscaloosa, first trip for kids 16 and 13. Thinking of staying at Capstone and taking university tour. I haven’t been in 30 years. Must see? Must eat? Stadium tour? Which tours. ? Thank you.
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    Vacation. Football things to do in June???

    Live in Dallas. Going to Gulf Shores this year for vacation. Want to stop by Tuscaloosa for a day/night. I have never been there. Have caught a few games in Cowboys stadium. Any football activities or must see’s? Also would like to see the campus with my 16 year old daughter, who...
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    Next year's starting lineup. Need some help

    I’m not to good at knowing who is Jr or Sr. But I figure next year looks like this. Please help if you have a better idea than me. I’m assuming Mack Wilson leaves. Ch Miller is gone. D Thompson is gone. Jacobs gone. D HArris gone. Q is gone. Buggs is gone. Raekwon gone. Does...
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    Tonight’s concerns.

    My biggest concern is the secondary. 1. To many busted coverages last week. Allowing big plays. 2. DBs has two passes off their hands that were not intercepted. 3. Who is gonna cover Hunter Refrow. That’s my main concerns for tonight.
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    Uniforms for tomorrow night ?????

    I assume we’re the home team due to ranking. I assume we’re going with Crimson top. What is Clemson wearing??? Correct me if I’m wrong.
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    Santa Clara weather.

    Have been watching SEC network. They showed the field which is kinda covered. Looks like some rain tomorrow. Dony know how this effects us versus Clemson. Hope it dries up for our WR”s.
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    Made my OU buddy mad. Do not do this.

    Was having an amicable conversation about the game. Told him OU had a good team. Left out that they were dirty. Conversation turns to he thinks OU was mounting a comeback. I compared the game to the Arkansas game I attended. But OU had a better QB. He flips out about Arkansas comparison...
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    Marquis Hollywood Browns’ status?

    Not much out there. Just curious what the verdict is. Anyone know? Having the top WR out, certainly won’t help OU.
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    Bama Scout Team prep for OU

    I was curious who was playing Kyler for the scout team. Appears to be Slade Bolden. A receiver who was a QB. Watched a little on him. He does not appear to be anything like Kyler. I would assume they would get a small, speedy guy. Slade appears almost 6 foot. Just an observation.
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    Who returns next year?

    We definetly have a stacked group of sophomores. I suspect we lose a couple offensive linemen leave, along with Damien Harris, Deionte Thompson. Jacobs. Buggs. Carter. I have question on defense. Diggs. ? Does Lewis return? Mack Wilson? Dylan Moses? What y’all think?
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    Been following for awhile. First post. 7th generation Texan. Dad was drafted to Army, I was born in Huntsville. Have been a Alabama fan since birth. Much more Tide fans in Texas now, but was pretty lean when I was a kid. I try to go to one game a year. But have never been to a home...