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  1. Atlantatide

    Do you think we will lose any position coaches after the season? If so, who?

    Haven't you heard, it's a done deal, Coach Saban to FSU. 😁😁 (blue font)
  2. Atlantatide

    ***Early Signing Day SIGNATURES RECEIVED***

    He just announced commitment on ESPNU. ROLL TIDE
  3. Atlantatide

    Blake Sims Is On The Latest Cover Of Sports Illustrated

    HAHAHA!!! Thanks, I needed a good laugh this morning......
  4. Atlantatide

    ****Bama vs. AU - Post Game Thread****

    Haha, it reminds me of the bumper sticker after Coach Bryant won #315 ; 3 + 1 + 5 = 9 in a row. ;)
  5. Atlantatide

    Game Thread: ****Bama vs. WCU Game Thread****

    Can UA put a "stop payment" on the check for their dirty play?
  6. Atlantatide

    Question: How Does This Era Of Bama Football..Compare To The Miami Teams Of The 80's????

    Patterson was upset at the verbal assult and told Coach Stallings. Coach Stallings told the team to stay focused and they will do their talking on the field. Bama spoke loud and clear that night in the Sugar Bowl. Coach Bryant instilled the class and character in Alabama sports, not just the...
  7. Atlantatide

    What I didn't know about Kirby Smart

    "Son, tuck your shirt in, at least you'll look like a football player".
  8. Atlantatide

    *U keeping up with the Jones' again...

    From what I've read what goes on at the farm , students stealing a campus vehicle, crashing thru the gates at the rodeo arena and doing donuts on the field, it would not surprise me if they were stolen and sold for scrap. Precious metals brings a pretty penny these days.... Roll Tide
  9. Atlantatide

    Link: Sports Illustrated suggested acceptance speech for $CAM! (merged threads)

    SIAP... Funny read... Should Newton find himself struggling with his acceptance speech for this delicate moment, SI offers the following rough draft. "Wow. Thank you. Thank you so much. I'm overwhelmed. The first thing I need to do is give some love to the other finalists, Oregon's LaMichael...
  10. Atlantatide

    Alfy Hill to return?

    He will have three years of eligibility. He had to sit out this season due to the transfer rule with the ncaa. "Once ruled ineligible, Hill enrolled at East Carolina where he was forced to sit out due to NCAA transfer rules. Hill withdrew from ECU in October because he said he "did not fit...
  11. Atlantatide

    Link: Auburn sings rammer jammer during game against Arkansas

    I say, pipe it into their locker room when the cheaters are crying after getting their tails whipped.
  12. Atlantatide

    Tennstud's Review of Coach Saban's Appearance at Memphis QB Club 10/25/10

    That explains why my feet have been cold today....
  13. Atlantatide

    Link: UF OL Carl Johnson's impression of the Tide.

    The "Crimson Tides" may not be Gods, but they sure are Masters over the gaytors, considering the combined score of the last two meetings is 63-19. Roll Tide
  14. Atlantatide

    Tidefans Milestone? Verne & Gary did great yesterday

    I also listened to Eli and the delay is just too annoying for me. How do you sync the radio and tv broadcasts? Thanks. Roll Tide
  15. Atlantatide

    Naughty coach violates Tidefans policy right on the radio

    I heard that also last night watching the replay. You would have thought they would have edited that blooper out. :eek:
  16. Atlantatide

    Question: TV for Bama-Duke Game

    I listened to Eli during the PSU game and the delay was about 2 seconds. It does take time to get use to. On a short yardage play, you hear the whistle on the radio before you see the snap of the ball. However, it's still better than listening to the tv broadcast.
  17. Atlantatide

    Alabama Defensive Role Names

    A few years back when Namath was in the broadcast booth with Eli and Kenny Stabler, Eli asked the same question and Stabler said Namath was pointing out the cheerleaders. LOL
  18. Atlantatide

    Who is your favorite, non-current assistant coach?

    I would have to say Joe Kines. He was never at a loss for words. One of my favorite quotes, "Son, tuck in your shirt tail. At least, you will look like a football player."
  19. Atlantatide

    Worst career coaching decisions?

    John McKay leaving USC for Tampa Bay. As Ray Perkins found out, Tampa Bay was a career killer.

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