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    Anoma dismissed from UH

    Per Cecil. I guess we didn’t truly miss much on his departure.
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    New seats at BDS

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    Game Thread: Game Thread Ducks and Devils

    Can wacky Coach Herm help us out ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Question: Status of Anoma

    Cecil is reporting he is not currently enrolled in classes. May be nothing, may be something that leaves me more worried about our pass rush. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    QB Jayden George Walk -on ? Scholly ?
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    News Article: Rush Propst Suspended

    I know you all are as shocked as I am to hear that Rush is being investigated for a personnel matter. Just shocked. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Early thoughts on Clemson

    Their DL is really disruptive and I was impressed with their LB play yesterday. I think some plays are there to be made against their secondary if we can hold off the pass rush. Lawrence is legit and seems to have the poise needed for a QB. Etienne doesn't need much of a hole and they have a...
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    Link: Background of Josh Jacobs I was unaware of his tough times as a youth. The young man is already a fan favorite, I hope even more now to see him succeed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Single Aggie ticket for sale

    North End Zone, 4 rows above the portal entrance.
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    St. Francis Academy in Baltimore

    Occasionally, insomnia has some benefits. Tonight, I saw an excellent story on ESPN's E:60 about St. Francis ( Eyabi Anoma's school ) and its coach. The coach made a ton of money managing an investment portfolio and made the statement he had a better year than Harbaugh, whose staff he was on at...
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    Special uniforms for Ole Miss All white, really ? I'm not sure Ole Miss has a band, because they are tone deaf over there !
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    Question: Ticket Demand Seems to Have Decreased

    Tickets are available through TP for Louisville, which doesn't shock me. Bama fans have travelled a lot in recent years. I was surprised to get an email saying tickets are available for the Aggies, Mizzou, and Ms St. I wonder if those are returned from the visiting teams. In any case, it seems...
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    Question: Big Boy Interceptions

    Are interceptions by our DL a harbinger of winning ? Just off the top of my head, I recall Dareus, Allen, Payne, Davis, and maybe Chris Hood back in the Spurrier beat down. All of those games are wins. Are there others ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The Bama Brand is internationally recognized

    This is a post today from a friend. I'm at Disney. I just had a conversation with a young Japanese couple from Tokyo. Their English was limited to conversational, but we made it through. They were great folks. Super excited about Disney and I welcomed them to the Happiest place on 🌏 as best as...
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    SEC fans and how they view their coaches

    I would guess only 2 fanbases are united behind their coach 100% right now - us and Vandy. Maybe Mullen and Stoops, but I don't know. Am I offbase, or do almost all fanbases have some griping going on right now ? What a great time to be a Bama fan !
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    Who's our biggest playoff threat ?

    I think it's Clemson. Their passing game is very tough, and Gallman provides a physical runner. Passing is the way to beat us and they can chuck it around pretty well. That big TE of theirs is a matchup nightmare. I don't think their D is as good as last year, though neither is our offense. What...
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    Game Thread: Vols Trailing Sakerlina

    Down 10 in the 4th Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looking ahead to Aubie/LSU

    Considering how bad these 2 offenses can look, what would you set as the over/under here ? 6 points ?
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    Hogs are Trolling Ole Miss
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    S Nolan Turner Signs With Clemson I've watched Nolan off and on since he was 6. He has always been a standout athlete. Congrats to him !

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