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  1. bayoutider

    BayouTider Cookbook is Ready to Order

    Re: BayouTider Cookbook Coming Soon! This is Rich's daughter, Amy. Yes, I'm the one who dared to set my wedding date for the same day as the 2008 Alabama vs LSU game. =) He never let me live that down, even though I know he would have missed the entire game to be there and walk me down the...
  2. bayoutider

    Bayoutider 03/02/1947 - 08/06/2011

    First of thank you for all the prayers thoughts and good stories. Lord knows he had a lot of them and i am going to miss hearing them What is a brick if you don't mind me asking. PS this is his son again i tried to post under an account i just created but i have to wait to be able to make...
  3. bayoutider

    Bayoutider 03/02/1947 - 08/06/2011

    For those of you who know him Bayoutier "Richard Heaton" passed away today. He has been very sick for a very long time and one thing after another happened to him and his body could no longer hold out. I know those that know him will miss him as will I. I wish i would say more but i really don't...
  4. bayoutider

    ADMIN NOTE: Rich's Situation...

    1st off this is not Rich this is his son Zach. Just an FYI to everyone who is interested. Rich is out of the nursing home and back home in my care. A few weeks ago he became severely depressed and his physical therapy shows it. He had to leave the nursing home since he was no longer able to do...
  5. bayoutider

    ADMIN NOTE: bayoutider the past present and future

    Hello tidefans and friends. I have been having some medical problems starting March 24 when I went to the emergency room finding out I had a kidney stone. After a catscan and x ray, 2 shots of Dimerol or Morophene I stopped crying and they sent me home with a bucket full of Percocet. I took so...
  6. bayoutider

    Question: So I'm catering a rehearsal dinner AND a wedding for 200 invitees in July.......

    Keeping with the grits bar theme what about a make your own nachos bar or taco bar?
  7. bayoutider

    Link: Why do you think the Southeastern part of the country is significantly more obese?

    You just described the Texas State Fair. Folks this is going to sound alien to you but fried food is not bad for you, badly fried food is. Food fried properly the oil doesn't penetrate the meat and the meat doesn't lay in the oil like a, oil filter down at the Jiffy Lube. At the Texas State...
  8. bayoutider

    Question: Laying Sod

    I have used Bermuda and St. Augustine. The ground should be cleared to bare dirt and roughed with an iron rake. Lay the squares, rectangles or rolls then water like crazy. Soaker hoses are good but don't water so much you make a lake. Buy, rent or borrow a large water filled drum to roll the...
  9. bayoutider

    Cam Slammed

    Five years 0lder and deeper in debt.
  10. bayoutider

    Entre: Grilled Cheese Sandwich Test

    Nothing quite like having a drip of butter run down your arm. Piminto cheese spread can make a real statement in the grilled cheese list.
  11. bayoutider

    Who Would You Like To See Run For President

    What about Carrot Top? Anyone else think we should give him a shot?
  12. bayoutider

    Major score in the vinyl album department

    If that was G.A.S. then this is high octane plus NOS ;)
  13. bayoutider

    Major score in the vinyl album department

    I was perusing the pages of ebay when I ran across this with no bids and one hour left. ebay link I also picked up a 7" little hole 45 RPM test pressing of Supertramp live "Dreamer" rated a strong 8. I cleaned it twice on the record doctor vac cleaner and it was better but this live version...
  14. bayoutider

    Major score in the vinyl album department

    I just became the proud owner of a vinyl test pressing of The Blue Stingrays. Ok you are now wondering why am I so excited and who the hell are The Blue Stingrays. The album is a second master test pressing, plain white sleeve, white label with hand written stuff on it. Recorded in the early...
  15. bayoutider

    Survivor - Redemption Island

    Rob is the master of puzzles or so they say. Hate to say it but it looks like the loss of Russell is going to swing the pendulum back towards Boston Rob's tribe for a while. The show was a bit of a sleeper but Boston Rob switching the clue for the immunity idol was pretty slick and he does stuff...
  16. bayoutider

    Question: What will the Florida Gators look like in 2011?

    I am curious how Charlie Weiss will work out. I think he can coach but can he recruit and is he willing to take a back seat on the staff.
  17. bayoutider

    Shrimp & Spinach Salad with Bacon Dressing

    I got so dang hungry for this I made it for lunch minus the pine nuts.
  18. bayoutider

    LSU paid Lyles $6K

    Les Miles - Well we paid his mileage and he drove one of those gas gizzlards, we probably comped a couple of meals and had his laundry done.

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