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    December Sign Date?

    Can someone tell me the early sign date in December? Thanks!
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    Question: Alabama HS Size Classifications?

    Hello, First time in this forum, so I have no idea how busy it is in here. Can someone tell me how schools are classified because I have looked at the current Class 7-1 list, and the high school I attended and where my family attends now has about 200 more kids attending than the number that is...
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    Question: Renters

    I've had a property management company (a very bad one, unfortunately) handling a rental property 500 miles from me (it's a house my mother owns). After finally evicting these people (unpaid rent), my sister discovered yesterday that they took the washer and drier. Does anyone have any...
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    New Member

    Greetings, It sounds funny to type "new member" in the subject line because I have read this forum daily for many years. I appreciate the wide array of knowledge and especially how the forum is managed in an effort to keep behavior in line. I'm a 1986 Bama grad, grew up in Sylacauga AL, but...

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