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  1. TrampLineman

    2018 AHSAA Football Playoffs

    CLASS 7A Central-Phenix City (14-0) 52 Thompson (11-2) 7 CLASS 6A Pinson Valley (13-1) 26 Saraland (13-2) 17 CLASS 5A Central of Clay County (12-3) 43 Vigor (13-2) 42 CLASS 4A UMS-Wright (14-0) 52 Deshler (9-6) 0 CLASS 3A Flomaton (12-3) 23 Piedmont (12-3) 12 CLASS 2A Fyffe (15-0)...
  2. TrampLineman

    7A #1. Thompson (Alabaster) vs. 7A #2. Hoover

    Thompson jumped Hoover in the AWSA 7A standings this week but the best thing about this game is that it will be shown on My 68 in the Birmingham TV market tomorrow (Friday night). You will also get to see Taulia Tagovailoa and Thompson try to beat Robby Ashford and Hoover. Last year they split...
  3. TrampLineman

    We have a new MLB pitcher

    Alex Avila pitched 2 scoreless innings tonight. Yes you read that right:) My Rockies beat the D'backs 19-2 tonight so they broke down and let their 3B and C both pitch tonight. Avila went 2 innings and gave up only 1 hit. Daniel Descalso didn't fare as good. He went 2.2 giving up 4 hits, 3...
  4. TrampLineman

    NCAA Baseball Regionals/Supers/CWS

    COLLEGE WORLD SERIES #6. North Carolina 8 #3. Oregon State 6 Washington 0 Mississippi State 1 #13. Texas 5 #5. Arkansas 11 #9. Texas Tech 6 #1. Florida 3 #3. Oregon State 14 <s>Washington 5</s> ***Washington (35-26, 0-2) eliminated*** #6. North Carolina 2 Mississippi State 12...
  5. TrampLineman

    Alabama vs aTm (Game 2)

    Vance singles to center Avant K's Taylor grounds out to 2nd, Vance moves over to 2nd Alexander K's After 1/2 an inning: Bama 0-1-0 aTm 0-0-0
  6. TrampLineman

    Bama vs UK......Sweep time!

    I'm FINALLY back home and able to watch a baseball game! It's the top of the 4th and we're up 2-1. Kyle Cameron is on the hill today To start the 4th for those that can't watch: F6 K (2nd today) F9 ends the inning After 3.5 innings: UK: 1-3-0 Bama: 2-3-0
  7. TrampLineman

    How have we looked?

    I've been working 16's (some days more than that) for 11 days now with no end in sight until this coming weekend at the earliest so safe to say I've missed my baseball. Currently in the Pocono's helping finish things now (Yea life is rough huh? Haha). So how have we looked? I must admit 14-3 I...
  8. TrampLineman

    Bama vs OU

    No video tonight or this series it looks like. It's 1-1 in the Top of the 9th right now. We got Holcombe on right now. We've been out hit 8-5 as of right now. Holcombe leading hitter at 2 for 4 and still hitting .607
  9. TrampLineman

    Bama vs Alabama State

    Sorry I was just now able to get on and post some updates Alexander up with bases loaded and 2 out Alexander singles home 2 runs Taylor strikes out looking After 2: Bama 2-4-1 ASU 0-1-1
  10. TrampLineman

    Bama vs Wazzou Game 3

    Missed the first two batters, but two are on with no outs... Sam Gardner on the mound today K K F8 ends the inning and Wazzou leaves 2 on base. Going to the bottom of the 1st, 0-0
  11. TrampLineman

    Bama vs Valpo Game 3

    After 5 it's good guys 8, Valpo 6.
  12. TrampLineman

    Bama 6 Valpo 5

    We win on a walk off single by Breaux on a soggy field We were out hit 13-8 Duarte gets the win going 1.1 and not allowing a hit or walk Walters went 5 innings, giving up 5 earned runs, K's 2 and walks one on 9 hits Avant led the team with 2 hits Vance went 1 for 4 with a homer and 2 RBI's...
  13. TrampLineman

    Need help finding past National Champions stickers

    I need some help if anyone knows or has extra stickers, but I'm looking for some of the decals that were made after we won the titles in 09, 11 and 12. If you remember they made a logo saying "BCS National Champions" and would have logos from where we played the game like in 09 it was the logo...
  14. TrampLineman

    Baseball Recruiting

    I was going to put this in the "what will the roster look like in 18" thread but some of these verbal commitments go beyond that. Going to post what I have and would love to keep this going most of the year. I think since we have a true recruiter now as head coach we will have enough stories...
  15. TrampLineman

    2017 College World Series

    FINALS #4. LSU 3 #3. Florida 4 #3. Florida 6 #4. LSU 1 #3. Florida (52-19) WINS COLLEGE WORLD SERIES
  16. TrampLineman

    2017 NCAA Baseball Regionals/Super Regionals

    It's that time of the year! Who does everything think will be the underdog this year? Who is your favorite to win it all? Times are EST CORVALLIS SUPER REGIONAL Vanderbilt 4 #1. Oregon State 8 #1. Oregon State 9 Vanderbilt 2 ***Vanderbilt (36-25-1, 0-2) eliminated*** #1. Oregon State...
  17. TrampLineman

    Bama vs. Arkansas-PB Game #3

    Anybody watching today besides me?
  18. TrampLineman

    ULM Game 2

    Missed the top half but 0-0 after half an inning
  19. TrampLineman

    Bama vs. Oral Roberts Game 2

    Top of the 1st (late as usual) and we're already down 2-0
  20. TrampLineman

    2017 AHSAA Boys/Girls Final Four in Birmingham

    Sorted by day and time: CLASS 1A GIRLS R.A. Hubbard (21-8) 44 Spring Garden (26-7) 43 ***R.A. Hubbard (22-8) wins 1A title*** BOYS Sacred Heart (28-8) 82 South Lamar (25-7) 59 ***Sacred Heart (29-8) wins 1A title*** CLASS 2A GIRLS Geneva County (30-2) 44 Tanner (28-2) 42 ***Geneva County...

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