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  1. BamaFanatJSU

    Keilan Robinson‘s Championship rings on Pawn Stars.

    How exactly did that guy get "gifted" Keilan Robinson's 2020 championship rings from an uncle?
  2. BamaFanatJSU

    USFL Championship

    It's not terrible. They need to get some better QBs on all teams next year (and perhaps some better kickers), but I enjoyed watching decent football this spring/summer. There's no doubt that it was better than the AFL.
  3. BamaFanatJSU

    USFL Championship

    Scooby Wright with the pick six for Bham just sealed it. Good for the Stallions.
  4. BamaFanatJSU

    NCAA Portal Talk

    I think my favorite part of that whole BS story was the pseudo-justification from some talking head that said, "Well, Addison and Caleb Williams have a pre-existing relationship from playing football in the D.C. area, so I'm sure it was Williams that reached out to his buddy, not Lincoln Riley."...
  5. BamaFanatJSU

    2022 NFL Draft

    I wonder if another random player from Georgia will get drafted so that they can tie the record. The TE that got drafted in the 6th Round was someone I'd never heard of (probably because he wasn't Brock Bowers) who had 6 catches for 83 yards last year.
  6. BamaFanatJSU

    2022 NFL Draft

    Jobe to the Steelers in the 6th would have made a lot of sense as it is a position of need for them, yet they drafted a fullback. It's times like this when I am reminded just how little I evidently know about running an NFL franchise.
  7. BamaFanatJSU

    2022 NFL Draft

    Will Anderson is better than any player in this draft class. If he's healthy and is NOT the overall #1 pick next year, something is wrong. That is, unless Bryce goes #1 and he goes #2. 😁
  8. BamaFanatJSU

    Evan Neal (what if injured — no teasers)

    I'd subscribe to that.
  9. BamaFanatJSU

    Link: Pickett fake slide leads to touchdown, should this be addressed with a rule?

    Anyone else surprised that an outfit with the kind of reputation that SI has would post an article that nobody bothered to proofread?
  10. BamaFanatJSU

    Poll: The SEC Tournament Poll Thread...

    Of course I voted for Bama...this was a poll about football season, right?
  11. BamaFanatJSU

    Question: Do we stand a chance with Arch Manning?

    I believe the AM in this case refers to Arch Manning and the deal he will receive rather than the institution offering it.
  12. BamaFanatJSU

    Chris Fowler Discusses Moving 2020 Season to Spring 2021

    I'm not sure I'll ever understand how this happens. What would have been the search terms in play that pulled this thread from the ether?
  13. BamaFanatJSU

    Najee breaks Steelers rookie rushing record!

    Chase going berserk on Sunday with an 11/260/3 line against a reputedly-strong (as of late) Chiefs defense and breaking the rookie receiving record pretty much sealed his OROY win.
  14. BamaFanatJSU

    If Not Cincinnati, Who Should Have Been Number Four?

    100% Agree. As much respect as I have for the job Billy Napier did at UL, there's no way the Ragin' Cajuns are the #16 team in the country. Likewise, OU is in no way deserving of a final ranking of #11.
  15. BamaFanatJSU

    More championship games than losses.

    Just out of curiosity, what constitutes the official time frame of a recruiting class? Is it just four years? I ask because I was thinking that the freshmen in Shula's third recruiting class (2005) would have won a title in 2009 if they were still around as RS Seniors.
  16. BamaFanatJSU

    BREAKING Bo Nix enters Transfer Portal

    That's one of the most disturbing yet amazing GIFs I've ever seen...
  17. BamaFanatJSU

    BREAKING Bo Nix enters Transfer Portal

    Man, it's like you're in my head. The first thing I thought when I read this was, "No way. There's no way he leaves Auburn. This is a ruse to sucker some kid into signing in the early NSD window before Bo announces 'I have reconsidered my earlier decision and have recommitted myself to...
  18. BamaFanatJSU

    Game Thread: Big XII CG: #9 Baylor vs. #5 Oklahoma State (ABC @ 11a CT)

    So...there was supposed to be some blue font in your original comment? Sorry for missing the sarcasm. My bad.
  19. BamaFanatJSU

    Game Thread: Big XII CG: #9 Baylor vs. #5 Oklahoma State (ABC @ 11a CT)

    Um...Baylor had less than 250 yards of offense and needed four INTs and a goal line stand to win. I'm not sure that there is "no doubt" that they're one of the Top 4 there, bro.

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