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  1. derek4tide

    Just for Christmas - The Scott Cochran Yule Log

    Some great Christmas cheer from the man, Scott Cochran. We'll have this on at our household Friday and Saturday. You should as well......."Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" "GET YO MIND RIGHT!!!!!" MERRY CHRISTMAS AND ROLL TIDE!!!!
  2. derek4tide

    Question: Should the SEC go to 9 conference games?

    Should the SEC add a 9th game? Maybe a rotation game, i.e., Bama vs Vandy this week. Coach Saban is the only SEC coach advocating this. Is he right? IMO, we should and drop the FCS and little sistter schools.
  3. derek4tide

    Question: If Coach Cristobal leaves for the U, who replaces him?

    We've had threads on CKS and CLK possibly leaving, so we add a new one. If CMC does leave for the HC at Miami, who does CNS get to replace him? Internal move or someone on the outside?
  4. derek4tide

    Link: Coach Lupoi (at practice yesterday) - "They say we can't play the run!!" I love these new coaches and Coach Lupoi shows his passion by being very vocal in this clip at practice yesterday. I love this.
  5. derek4tide

    Texas A&M stats 2015

    Texas A&M defense is not one to be feared, that's for sure. Here are the numbers: Texas A&M defensive stats so far: Arkansas: 457 yards, 225 passing, 232 rushing. Miss State: 406 yards, 210 passing, 196 rushing. Nevada: 359 yards, 206 passing, 153 rushing. Ball State: 361 yards, 121 passing...
  6. derek4tide

    Okie State OL Coach - "Bucket Step Bob" gets job at USC

    Anyone remember ole "Bucket Step?" Now I know the USC preseason ranking is waaaaaaay off. I predict that USC will lead the PAC-12 in OB sacks...on their QB. lol
  7. derek4tide

    The Allman Brothers Band - Full Concert - 04/20/79 - Capitol Theatre - video

    I stumbled across this on youtube and was blown away. If you like the Allman's (or just love rock and roll), you must watch.
  8. derek4tide

    Question: Which do you watch on Saturday morning - SEC Nation or ESPN Gameday??

    Have you made the switch to "SEC Nation" from "GameDay" on Saturday morning or have you stuck with Chris Fowler and the peanut gallery? For me, it is "SEC Nation". I have never liked Fowler and can't stand Desmond Howard, so the switch was an easy one for me. To tell the truth, I quit...
  9. derek4tide

    Barn CB Jermaine Whitehead suspended for KSU game

    Surprised to see Gus doing this, but impressed, as well.
  10. derek4tide

    Link: Top 100 RB Jacques Patrick Plans Capstone Visit

    Just saw this -
  11. derek4tide

    Is the opener against West Virginia a trap game for Alabama?

    Is the opener against West Virginia a trap game for Alabama? Will our secondary be ready? Will Coker or Sims be able to run the new offense? As I was thinking about this game recently, these questions started to change my mind (a little) about this game being a cake walk. Thoughts?
  12. derek4tide

    Will Alabama ever do a "Nick Saban hire" for the basketball program?

    Given the surplus thanks to football, will we ever see the PTB at the University hire a big name, multi-million dollar type coach for basketball (i.e., $3-5 million)? I've heard these names tossed about before, but will they ever do that type of hire? Thoughts?
  13. derek4tide

    Northwestern Could Drop D-1 Football, If Players Form union

    And so it begins. Northwestern President says he could see them dropping D-1 football, if players form union. This could get very interesting.
  14. derek4tide

    Marty Lyons added to NY Jets Ring of Honor

    Marty joins other Bama great Joe Namath in the NY Jets' Ring of Honor. From Joe Namath's Facebook page:
  15. derek4tide Top 50 Prep Prospects: Jameis Winston Not Listed

    Here is the link: Admin Note: The above link takes you to the top 50 current minor league prospects. To access the top 50 current prep prospects -- to which there is no direct link on -- open the above link and click...
  16. derek4tide

    Link: Pat Sajak: Vanna and I hosted 'Wheel' while drunk

    No need for me to comment, these will write themselves......Let the posts begin!
  17. derek4tide

    Link: John King now proves that Newt lied about "witnesses"

    Uh oh, Newt is caught lying....again. When will he learn??
  18. derek4tide

    What is your favorite TV show(s)?

    What's your favorite of do you have a top 5 or 10? I will post my later in the thread, so let's see what you think.
  19. derek4tide Breaks Down Under Armour Game (video)

    Some interesting stuff on the game and Tampa area players.

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